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Company: Southern Trident

Southern Trident is quite rightly proud of its high-quality range of peat-free, coir-based composts and other growing media. And we’re pleased to announce even further advances in our contribution to the UK horticultural sector.


Southern Trident is exhibiting at Glee 2021. For further information and free items come and talk to us on stand 7B60-C61.

We already have a great range of established dry, compressed coir products, which are stocked by more than 250 UK garden centres and numerous reputable online stores. And for 2022, we have developed an outstanding range of new products, doubling our collection from 66 to 132 products. These include a new range of coir-based bagged composts and other growing media, under our new Harmony Gardens brand as well as the established Coco & Coir brand, coir plant pots, basket liners and other accessories, plus new sizes and designs in our popular coir doormats.

Coco & Coir Bloom All Purpose is a 100% 50-litre bagged coir compost with a balanced, mineral fertiliser, and Coco Chip coir mulch is a highly attractive alternative to bark. Harmony Gardens Multipurpose is a quality peat-free, 50-litres compost that can be used in all gardening situations from seed sowing through to potting and planting in the garden. Harmony Gardens Growbag is a full size growing-bag that is perfect for growing fantastic crops of fruit and vegetables and delivering amazing flavour. Harmony Gardens Top Soil is perfect for creating new garden borders, replacing old soil and levelling lawns. Harmony Gardens Soil Improver, which contains a unique form of nitrogen, helps improve all poor soils, adding organic structure and enhancing the performance of all plants. All products in the Harmony Gardens portfolio are mixes of coir together with other natural substrates and for the first time ever, as well as being peat free, are all carbon neutral.

Thanks to the way we source and treat the raw coir in all our products, we are confident that we have some of the best coir-based composts and other growing media on the market. To put this to the test, in 2021 we commissioned Stockbridge Technology Centre, the UK’s premier horticultural growing and testing facility, to conduct extensive growing trials on two of our composts – Coco & Coir Coco Boost and Coco & Coir Coco Grow+. The results of the trials conclusively proved that Coco Boost outperforms every peat-free compost it was tested against, and performed equally as well as peat-based ones. With petunias, it performed on par with the peat-based compost, but 30% larger with 144% more flowers than a branded peat-free, and 270% larger with eight times as many flowers as an own-label peat-free compost. Coco Grow+ produced better seed germination rates than all the competition, 15% better than the peat-based compost and three times better than the branded peat-free one.

We’re also improving all our packaging. All Coco & Coir compost packaging is being updated with a new, more attractive design for 2022. We are speeding up production with online printing directly onto the boxes, removing the need for separate labels, and so increasing capacity and improving production efficiency. The on-pack information for consumers has been significantly enhanced to inform and educate on this new type of growing media.

Southern Trident has also recently celebrated Soil Association accreditation for all its responsibly-sourced coir growing media products, become an inaugural accredited member of the new Responsible Sourcing Scheme for Growing Media (RSSGM, which is being launched at Glee) and the company is now Carbon Neutral.

Southern Trident is exhibiting at Glee 2021. For further information and free items come and talk to us on stand 7B60-C61.

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