Garden hose stocks at risk due to COVID-19

Company: Copely Developments

UK garden hose producer Copely Developments sees growth in orders due to problems with imports.

With a nearly normal summer seemingly in reach, it is expected that the British public will once again invest in their gardens, getting them ready for when the lockdown restrictions are fully eased in June.

A big rise in demand through the pandemic has left many retailers experiencing shortages of many standard garden products, such as furniture, hoses, and even gnomes! Global supply chain has also been affected, with shipping from Asia proving to be more costly than before. This has also been exacerbated by the blockage in the Suez Canal, last March.

With imported gardening products seeing shortages, now is the perfect time to shop locally. Eden Garden Care is a British range of hoses and accessorises, aimed at both professional and domestic gardening applications. The range includes four hoses, each with a unique design and level of durability. From a standard tier hose, ideal for the casual gardener; to more heavy-duty hoses, for professional landscapers; to space-saving alternative hoses, for smaller gardens.

A range of accessories is also available to complete the full set, including spray guns and connectors. These complement the Eden Garden Care range but are also compatible with all standard watering equipment.

Steve Walton, Copely’s Plant Director, said, “Buying local means not just getting a quality product. It also includes shorter delivery times and easier communication. Eden Garden Care is a fresh range of products that will help people to make their most of their gardens in the coming months.”

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