Enjoy BUG-FREE Summer Holidays

Company: STV International

Sales of electronic bug bats have soared in recent years as consumers opt for the quickest and most effective poison-free method of dispatching annoying insects. When travelling away from home for summer holidays or camping in the great outdoors, encountering unexpected and unfamiliar bugs can be quite a worry, so a battery operated or rechargeable bug bat or zapper can be very reassuring.

The Night Owl rechargeable Bug Zapper and the battery powered Telescopic Bug Bat are two of the top selling lines in the ZeroIn Summer Insect Control range. The Night Owl is perfect for use in the evenings when the built in LEDs attract flying insects and the electronic charge kills on contact. The Telescopic Bug Bat is great for reaching into inaccessible places, and extends to over 1 metre to put flying and crawling insects within easy reach both outside and inside the home.

Both lines are available in standard outers or, for targeted displays, the unique stack-a-pack formats provide a great way to drive volume sales.

Katy Thompson, Brand Manager said “I’ve been amazed at the growth in sales of bats and zappers which share this simple, effective and poison-free technology. It is easy to see why consumers favour this type of product which allows them to directly target and despatch insects wherever they are a nuisance”.

Night Owl Bug Zapper (outers 6)  RRP £9.99  
Telescopic Bug Bat (outers 12) RRP £11.99

To find out more about the Zero In range of outdoor insect control, go to www.stvuk.com

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