Endangered & Heritage Seed Range

Company: Seeds of Italy

Seeds of Italy are pleased to announce a new 12 or 32 peg standalone seed range aimed at the environmentally conscious customer via deli’s and farmshops, garden centres, gift shops, restaurants and eco stores.

Franchi were established in 1783 and are still in the same family after 7 generations. In the last century, 94% of heritage seeds have been lost but Franchi have about 200 varieties from that remaining 6% incl. 14 endangered (as featured on the Slow Food ‘Ark of Taste’ register of foods at risk).

Customers are increasingly ever more environmentally aware and are prioritising ranges like this over mass produced corporate varieties so they can help make a difference.

Varieties will include one of the oldest pumpkins in Europe, the Priest’s Hat Pumpkin from Piacenza which has been cultivated for about 300 years.

Other examples are Spinach Viroflay is in a book dating to 1635 and is endangered, as is the San Marzano tomato which would have been cultivated on the slopes of Vesuvius by hand, picked by hand and canned by hand.

It will also include the endangered beans Marvel of Venice (French bean) and Borlotto bean of Saluggia (shelling) from the Alps amongst others.

Paolo Arrigo, MD said “my passion has always been to supply regional seed varieties with provenance, traditional varieties with a story, with real flavour. What has happened over the last few generations to the range of heritage seed varieties has been shocking and we now need more than ever to help save the few that are left. The best way to help preserve these special varieties is to grow them and to support the few producers left still continuing with them. This range is the perfect point of sale stand and would suit outlets in all sectors from gardening and food to gift and lifestyle”

Contact us to order your 12 or 32 peg stand of endangered and heritage vegetable seed. Varieties to sow all year. The ideal gift.


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