Eliza Tinsley and Greenman make an impact at Glee 2022

Company: Eliza Tinsley and Greenman
  • Greenman Garden Tools mid-handled trowel and fork
  • Greenman Garden Tools Interactive Stand at Glee Birmingham 2022

Midlands based hardware giant Eliza Tinsley, took their Greenman range of gardening tools, fourth generation family business, to the stage at this years Glee exhibition at the NEC. With much promise during the build-up to the show, the buzz that followed meant a very busy three days for the Eliza Tinsley team.

The pedigree is already impressive. Eliza Tinsley have been supplying the trade since 1851 with all manner of agricultural tools, fencing and hardware fastenings and fixings. In 2020 they acquired Greenman Garden Tools; a family business started in the 1940’s with the ambition of turning the brand into a national treasure. For the last two years the Eliza Tinsley and Greenman family have been working hard to develop the brand.

Eliza Tinsley Sales Director Kendal Ernest and Adam Greenman, tool innovator and fourth generation family member for the Greenman Garden Tools brand explain what they did differently at Glee, “Firstly, for us, it wasn’t just about showcasing great tools,” started Kendal. “We wanted to show how Eliza Tinsley and Greenman are a company you want to work with for a myriad of reasons. Our stand at Glee needed to represent our values as well as clearly show how the fastest growing gardening brand in the UK is the perfect partner for our customers.”

Adam continues the story, “Our stand highlighted the huge range we have on offer as well as levelling the playing field between large chains and the independent stores, by providing accessible marketing support for all. We really want partners, not just customers.”

There were a few standouts on the Eliza Tinsley/Greenman stand including their all-new contractor’s range of tools which proved to be a big hit with the agricultural sector thanks to their robustness and wide range. The Greenman mid handled tools, the longest available on the market today, were a big draw and proved that dedicating generations of research and development pays huge dividends. 

“Creating tools is in my DNA,” commented Adam. “It’s a passion and now we have the backing of such a powerful and committed business in Eliza Tinsley, our ability to develop, innovate and hold excellent stock levels, has provided us with an amazing base to service our partners. It’s a very exciting time for Greenman!”

Kendal goes on to say “We were converting customers during the three days and taking orders on the stand, which was a fantastic start. We left the show with a box full of leads that we’ve been busy working our way through. What was obvious to us from our conversations, people were actively coming to see us. The Greenman brand has generated so much interest over the last two years, we’re an established and recognised supplier in this space.

“For me,” Adam continued, “it was a being able to show people all the ways we could help their business that really stuck out. I’m obviously proud of my family’s heritage and the tools we manufacture, but since we became part of the Eliza Tinsley family, we’ve been able to offer unrivalled marketing support that wasn’t something we could do before. Whether it’s instore product training, eye catching point of sale, merchandising on their behalf, we have so much to help all of our partners, we really stand out.”

Eliza Tinsley and Greenman are clearly a combination that is reaping the benefits of matching high quality tools with high end marketing support. Their claim that they are the fastest growing gardening brand in the UK is backed by their rapid growth especially over the last 12 months.

For more information on Eliza Tinsley and Greenman, you can call 0121 502 0055 or visit www.elizatinsley.co.uk

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