DJ Turfcare offers reassurance to retailers that gas shortages will not affect supply

Company: DJ Turfcare

As the C02 shortage continues to grab headlines and fears mount that everyday essentials will not be reaching our shelves as a result, the garden retail sector is also beginning to question the ongoing availability of key products which rely on this gas supply to complete the manufacturing process. One company that is offering reassurance is DJ Turfcare as its full range of organic-based lawn fertilisers are manufactured exclusively with renewable solar power.

The DJ Turfcare portfolio which features the bestselling MO Bacter Lawn Fertiliser, MO Bacter Instant, Bio-Lime, Recovery, Lawn Boost and the all-new Autumn Lawn Treatment, is made exclusively by Belgium based, Viano. In recent years Viano has heavily invested in updating its manufacturing facility to increase capacity – now exceeding 550 megawatts of electricity annually - and ensuring all its processes met strict environmental standards. The biggest development being the installation of 2,300 solar panels which generate all the power the company needs to run the plant whilst also supplying the surplus to their national grid. This reliance on solar power bypasses the need for natural gas making for an uninterrupted supply of organic-based fertilisers as we look ahead to the 2022 season.

DJ Turfcare’s David Jenkins said: “Our partners at Viano are dedicated to being a sustainable brand and it is this dedication that makes our portfolio of products so effective. But more so than ever, the process that goes into manufacturing products is being placed in the spotlight, with consumers demanding more environmentally friendly methods. We are so proud to be bringing to market products that are manufactured sustainably and know that this makes a difference at the point of sale. We also hope that the knowledge regarding our processes will offer retailers peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that our supply will continue unaffected as we get ready for peak season in spring 2022 and beyond.”

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DJ Turfcare offers UK consumers access to one of the most respected lawn care product portfolios available on the market today. Endorsed by the RHS since 2018, the range delivers high performance results, whilst also setting a new standard for environmental responsibility and sustainability with its 100% organic-based products.

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