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  • BEES® Sweet Gum Bonsai Set
  • BEES Gifts Calla Lily Indoor Gift Set
  • BEES® Cactus Grow Pot
  • BEES Gifts Novelty French Bulldog Crocus Indoor Grow Set

G Plants, a leading innovator in growing gifts, seeds, and garden sundries, is excited to announce the launch of its Autumn Winter lines of indoor grow sets and planters under its renowned BEES Gifts and Green Ribbon brands. With a focus on eco-friendliness and convenience, retailers cannot miss out on these products that are designed to bring the joy of gardening into any home and are perfect for Christmas gifting opportunities.

A popular Christmas favourite, the BEES Gifts Amaryllis Indoor Gift Set (RRP: £15.99) stands out as a sustainable and stylish highlight, featuring an eco-wood planter made from recycled natural by-products of wood and containing up to 33% recycled material. This thoughtful design highlights G Plants’ commitment to eco-friendly products and promotes sustainable gardening, providing consumers with a way to make environmentally responsible choices while adding beauty to their interiors during the winter months. The planter's modern design, with its double-layered gold and anthracite grey colouring, complements contemporary interior décor.

In addition, the brand-new BEES Gifts Calla Lily Indoor Gift Set (RRP: £15.99) brings elegance to rooms in an eco-wood planter, offering a perfect balance of aesthetic appeal and sustainability, appealing to those who prioritise eco-friendly options in-store and in their home.

Adding a touch of spring to any indoor space, G Plants is introducing the Green Ribbon Ceramic Crocus Bowl (RRP £8.99) and Sphere Planter (RRP: £7.99). These stylish planters are designed to complement modern interiors while providing the perfect environment for indoor plants to thrive.  In two different shapes, retailers can take advantage of the Christmas run-up with these growing sets which make fantastic gifts for garden enthusiasts, nature lovers, or anyone looking for a unique present.

Bonsai growing has seen a boost in popularity due to its therapeutic nature tapping into the gardening for mental health trend.  Retailers cannot go wrong with the BEES® Sweet Gum Bonsai Set (RRP: £8.99) which offers consumers everything they need to get started, from seeds, the pot, soil, and instructions.  And with colours, ranging from orange to red and purple, this unique bonsai will appeal to anyone who wants to inject colour into the home.

G Plants is also proud to present the new BEES® Cactus Grow Pot which offers year-round sales appeal to garden centres, whilst providing interest to consumers looking for houseplants with a unique appearance and low maintenance requirements.   With six different varieties and all you need to grow in an attractive, embossed ceramic planter, gifting is never easier.

The BEES® Polkadot Grow Pot of Hypoestes is designed to elevate plant displays and provide a reliable source of revenue for garden centres, providing consistent sales regardless of the season.  For homeowners, the plant provides a vibrant pop of colour for the home and is an accessible and easy-to-maintain choice for new gardeners who may be working within a budget.

And for those who love a touch of quirkiness with their plants, the BEES Gifts Novelty French Bulldog Crocus Indoor Grow Set (RRP £9.99), is a charming addition to any indoor space.  The set comes with a peat-free, coir growing medium which will appeal to both retailers and consumers who are seeking a more sustainable plant production.  Great for impulse sales, this set includes everything needed to grow vibrant crocus ‘Maître Blue’, packaged in a grey, white or turquoise ceramic planter in an adorable French Bulldog design.

"We are thrilled to introduce our latest collection of indoor grow sets and planters, which combine style, sustainability, fun and convenience," said Daniel Howarth, Managing Director at G Plants. "With these products, we aim to inspire more people to embrace indoor gardening while making conscious choices for the planet."

Retailers interested in stocking G Plants' new Autumn/Winter range are encouraged to contact the G Plants Sales team at or phone 01254 790350. For more information about G Plants and its range of eco-friendly gardening solutions, please visit

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