Deco-Pak relaunches its Chelsea Horticultural range

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On a mission to arm retailers (and consumers!) with everything they need to transform and truly personalise their garden spaces, Deco-Pak has taken steps to improve its popular Chelsea Horticultural range to provide even more solutions for gardeners.

This first-class range, featuring sands, gravels and growing media, is designed to give consumers confidence to select the right tools for whichever gardening or landscaping job they are currently undertaking. With concise on-pack information, including clear usage examples and ‘professional tips’, plus a handy window to see the product in the bag, the Chelsea Horticultural range makes it easier than ever for shoppers to grab exactly what they need.

New look packaging

Breaking away from traditional packaging associated with these types of products, Deco-Pak has opted for classic and rustic style with a muted classic colour palette and beautiful, water colour-esque imagery. What’s more, all bags are made from 50% post-consumer waste plastic, making them a more environmentally responsible option.

For the 2024/2025 season, Deco-Pak is offering both large bags (available in pallets ranging from 55 – 77 bags per pallet) and handy grab bags. The latter benefits from a dedicated point of sale unit that can be co-located alongside landscaping and growing media essentials, within the plant area or next to pots and planters for increased impulse sales. Stocked with up to 42 handy bags, and boasting internal storage space for additional stock, this dynamic display puts the brand front and centre and drives the aspirational elements of shopping psychology.

Craig Hall, Managing Director at Deco-Pak said: “Traditionally, these types of products have hidden away in the shadows but, with our Chelsea range, we are reinventing their future. Through carefully considered design, a new way of styling, and effective merchandising solutions, we’re bringing these products to the fore. In doing so, retailers can benefit from increased consumer confidence, which will drive up the average basket spend.”

The Deco-Pak Chelsea Horticultural

Gardens big or small can be helped to bloom using the Deco-Pak Chelsea Horticultural range.

Available in large bags are horticultural essentials, such as Coarse Grit, Pea Gravel, Potting Grit and Sharp Sand. Growing media includes Top Soil, Multi-Purpose Compost and Woodland Bark

Handy Bags see an extension to the core range, with Coarse Grit, Sharp Sand and Pea Gravel present. Potting Grit takes the shape of Alpine Potting Grit, whilst the wider offering is made up of Horticultural gravels in Alpine Gold, Alpine White and Cotswold Cream, plus Horticultural Clay Pebbles, Sea Shells and Alpine Slate.

Find out more

To find out more about Deco-Pak’s leading lineup of garden products that include decorative paving, aggregates, growing media, water features and bird boxes can all be viewed on the company’s website, visit for more information.

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