Deco-Pak offers retailers inspiration this National Gardening Week

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This National Gardening Week (2nd – 8th May), Deco-Pak – the UK’s leading supplier of decorative aggregates and garden sundries – is offering retailers some inspiration to help them in turn inspire their customers during this annual celebration of gardening.

The Joy of Gardening

This year the RHS – founders of National Gardening Week – has confirmed that the event will focus on the ‘joys of gardening’, something which Deco-Pak feels passionately about.

Whether it’s the physical benefits of tilling the land, the psychological uplift that comes from being surrounded by nature or the personal satisfaction that is achieved watching the fruits of your labour, gardening can be a hugely enjoyable and rewarding pastime. However, with a new generation of gardeners making their way into garden centres, including the ‘Instagram generation’ who consume content quickly, it is vital that the many benefits are communicated and that instore displays help to offer inspiration and reassurance that many garden jobs are easy to achieve. Failure to do so, may result in these new gardeners switching off before enjoying success in the garden.

To support garden retailers this National Gardening Week and beyond, Deco-Pak has created a range of new ‘Get the Look’ merchandising displays that will entice cautious shoppers, helping them to understand how products can be easily used to maximum effect with minimum effort, the aim being to drive up the average basket spend and build consumer confidence.

The pandemic, in particular, has brought new gardeners to the market, including many from the ‘Instagram generation’. These buyers, who are used to consuming content quickly, often make snap purchasing decisions based on visual triggers, which is why Deco-Pak has introduced new ‘Get the Look’ merchandising solutions. Designed to showcase how products, these ‘Get the Look’ merchandisers have the potential.

Deco-Pak’s Craig Hall explains: The use of inspirational imagery on point-of-sale material really helps to inspire all generations, no matter their level of gardening expertise. The ‘Instagram generation’ expects ideas and inspiration from brands and retailers. They are seeking out visual triggers that can be turned quickly into purchase decisions that relate to their own circumstances. Our new ‘get the look’ aggregate merchandising solutions will capture that potential by demonstrating how products can be easily used to maximum effect with minimum effort.”

The updated POS sits in line with product packaging, providing shoppers with a cohesive message and appearance, which is crucial. “The new POS boards now sit in harmony with the product packaging to create a natural flow,” adds Craig. “To inspire consumers we have invested in new photography, as well as simplifying messages to keep clear and concise information delivery.”

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The many joys of gardening according to Deco-Pak

BUILDING STRENGTH – Did you know gardening counts as exercise? Forget hitting the gym, instead grab your spade and enjoy some time in the garden safe in the knowledge that you are giving your body a work-out.  Besides the obvious cardio benefits, time spent digging, raking, etc can help to keep your body flexible and can also increase your strength, especially in your arms, legs and back. Gardening is also great for helping with weight management, improving balance and can also improve sleep quality.

FIGHT DISEASE – Gardening has also been proven to strengthen the immune system. Scientists have found that the beneficial bacteria in the soil can actually boost your immune system, helping to ward off illness and disease. A recent study has also shown that gardening can reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s by up to 50%. Other research has also explored the benefits of horticulture therapy on the happiness of dementia patients – gardening really can be quite magical!

IMPROVE YOUR MOOD – Time spent in the garden will always be rewarding both physically and mentally. Being surrounded by nature enables us to reconnect with ourselves and our surroundings.

By getting our hands dirty, we can enhance this connection with nature and create a sense of inner peace, in turn reducing stress and anxiety.

POSITIVITY – Bringing your vision to life, enjoying the fruits of your labour, or simply sitting and bathing in nature, are all elements of gardening that can increase positivity. Fresh air, the smell of the garden or even the sound of water can help to create a positive mindset. The physical benefits of gardening can also improve body positivity.

SATISFACTION – Whether you are nurturing a single plant or an entire garden, growing your own vegetable patch or creating a landscape rich with wildlife, the sense of satisfaction that comes with gardening will always stay with you. Even highly experienced gardeners still experience the same buzz that comes from seeing their gardens bloom. Gardening is a journey that teaches us how to be more patient as nature will not be hurried, but the results will provide a beautiful shot of serotonin that will last season after season.

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