Decco to bring Carbon Gold Biochar to Garden Centres and DIY Retailers

Company: Carbon Gold

Carbon Gold’s biochar, the professional growers’ best kept secret, will be on shelves in garden centres and DIY retailers across the UK this summer thanks to a newly signed exclusive distribution agreement with Decco.

Decco, the leading supplier to garden centres up and down the UK, is the first to recognise the potential of Carbon Gold’s new retail offering.

The biochar consumer market is growing rapidly but, until now, Carbon Gold’s 100% peat and chemical-free, FSC Certified and Soil Association Approved biochar products have been available primarily to commercial crop growers and tree care professionals.

Now, through Decco, Carbon Gold’s Soil Improver and Fertiliser will be available to the public at garden centres and DIY stores across the country, starting with Dobbies Garden Centres.

Mike Hartshorn, Managing Director of Carbon Gold, says, “Biochar is the perfect gardening product for 2021 and consumer demand is growing rapidly.  Gardeners are increasingly looking for peat-free alternatives but they’re not always reliable, and here is this proven product used by both organic and conventional growers across the continent, as well as tree care specialists and even elite sports greenkeepers. It’s absolutely ideal for the gardeners of today.

“We’re thrilled to have partnered with Decco, as our products can be added to Garden Centre and DIY stores’ weekly Decco orders; even in single case quantities if required.  It’s a massive step forward for us and in terms of offering garden centres a peat-free alternative that really works, meeting the demands of consumers who are increasingly concerned about climate change. These products are ideal for every garden task and every garden size, making them a strong addition to any retail offering.”

Biochar is very high in carbon, making it the perfect permanent home for beneficial fungi and microbiology.  Carbon Gold’s biochar harnesses this phenomenon and is further enriched with mycorrhizae and Trichoderma, as well as trace nutrients and minerals, and is proven to boost plant health and vitality.

In scientific studies and commercial trials, Carbon Gold’s products have been shown to make plants more resistant to a wide range of environmental factors, diseases and pests including drought, honey fungus, root mat, ash dieback and replant disease because it makes them stronger and healthier.  As well as being peat-free, biochar is also so high in carbon that for every kilo put in the ground, 3 kilos of CO2 are permanently sequestered from the atmosphere.

A wider selection of Carbon Gold products will be available through Decco in the near future.  For more information about Carbon Gold or its biochar products, visit,

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