D-GradeFIBRE tray range extended

Company: Desch Plantpak B.V.

D-Grade®Fibre trays extended
In addition to our recycled plastic range, Desch has even more eco-friendly alternatives, such as D-Grade®Fibre. D-Grade®Fibre products are made from recycled cardboard waste and recycled paper, so they are perfect for composting and recycling. Our Fibre trays are moisture resistant, and 100% biodegradable.

Two new D-Grade®Fibre trays
Desch is launching 2 new trays, the 37606 and 37636. They are smooth on both sides, so easy to stack.  The 37606 is suitable for 11/12-cm pots, and the 37636 is suitable for 13/14-cm pots. Besides being moisture-resistant and eco-friendly, D-Grade®Fibre trays are also robust, and work well with, for example, Recover® or D-Tect®plus flower pots.

Compatible with self-adhesive labelling.

Also as a pot
In addition to trays, Desch is currently developing D-Grade®Fibre pots. A plant in a fibre pot can be planted in its entirety in the soil, after which the pot decomposes 100% biologically.
It’s the perfect solution for annuals or culinary herbs with a short cultivation time.


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