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With shrinking outdoor spaces and Generation Rent not wanting to put down roots in properties they may not live in long term, it’s little surprise that container gardening is proving so popular. The rise in demand for what is a perfect growing solution for both small space gardening and flexible outdoor designs, creates a wealth of opportunities for garden retailers. Durstons have a range of great products to tap into this trend and encourage consumers who may be flexing their green thumbs for the first time.


Accessible growing

If nothing else, the pandemic gave people a greater appreciation for their outdoor spaces, whatever the size, and gave many a new lease of life, as the British wanted to maximise the area they had.

Small gardens and balconies are increasingly prevalent, particularly with new builds and in urban areas and the great thing about container gardening is that it allows people to grow and create a green oasis or even a kitchen garden in the space they have. It’s also hugely popular for people with busy lives who want a more low-maintenance garden to care for, not to mention renters seeking a quick and easy fix that won’t mean investing money in sprucing up a property that inevitably belongs to a landlord.

There are so many perks to container gardening that makes growing accessible to a wider demographic and people with different abilities and incomes. The RHS introducing a container garden category at the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time ever in 2021 is a reflection of just how important this type of gardening is and the opportunity it presents for garden centres to inspire their customers and get them growing.

The health benefits of gardening are well documented, so making it even more accessible to people not only promotes wellbeing but also opens your business up to a wider customer base. Whether it’s raised beds, hanging baskets or even getting creative with grow bags, there is a world of possibilities.

Products to inspire and support

Durstons can help garden centres capitalise on this trend; supporting customers and the retailer’s bottom line at the same time!

One of the biggest considerations is providing inspiration and advice to help customers realise what’s possible but you also need to have the right products for the job, ensuring they are easy to locate in store and also straightforward to use once they get them home. You want your customers to have success with the jobs they tackle and keep them coming back for more. That’s where Durstons' comprehensive collection of composts, featuring their GRO BOOST technology, does the job, helping your customers to achieve outstanding results consistently and easily.

Durstons offer a dedicated Tub & Basket Compost tailored specifically to all container gardening, thanks to its additional wetting agent, promoting vigorous plant growth even in hot or windy conditions.


However, the beauty of their unique additive, GRO BOOST – a specially-formulated blend of organic materials from renewable sources – is that when your customers pick up any one of Durstons composts, from its Multi-Purpose Compost with John Innes to its Multi-Purpose Compost Peat Free, they can expect excellent nutrient content for their plants and a compost that delivers consistently impressive results.

A winning range of grow bags and planters enhances Durstons growing media offer and is perfectly placed for catering to an increase in demand for versatile container growing products. Durstons Veg Planter, an extra-large grow bag with added fertiliser is ideal for growing a wide range of fruit, vegetables, and salad crops, whilst a Peat Free Grow in the Bag is also available.

With a comprehensive portfolio of products suited to the full breadth of gardening applications, Durstons is a one-stop shop supplier for garden centres who want to offer a concise and proven range.

Aside from their stellar performance, the great thing about Durstons’ products is that they all have clear, concise packaging that flawlessly communicates how, where and why gardeners should use them. Striking imagery catches the customer’s eye, whilst applications and key benefits are front and centre on pack to help them make an informed decision. This includes messaging that Durstons products are made in the UK and also that all packaging is 100% recyclable.

Linked sales opportunity

As the cost of mortgages continue to climb and rents reach record levels, people have been forced to downsize their aspirations in favour of smaller homes to make their budget stretch. The trick is inspiring people about what they can do with the space they have.

There’s a fantastic opportunity for linked sales by creating display hotspots in your plant area of flourishing container gardens, complete with products needed to ‘get the look’. Showcase mini veg gardens grown in pots, raised planters or grow bags in your ‘grow your own’ area, helping people to explore their options, even if all they have is a balcony, and also assisting them in quickly seeking out the best compost, plant food and accessories for the project.

You can even highlight clever hacks, like cutting grow bags in half and turning them on their end to grow certain plants in deeper soil, demonstrating the versatility of these fantastic products. Secondary locations and smart merchandising are guaranteed to help boost basket spend, whilst providing much-needed inspiration and advice for growers.

The trend for container gardening isn’t going anywhere fast, as highlighted by another flurry of Gold & Silver-Gilt RHS medals handed out to gardens in the Container & Balcony categories at Chelsea this year, and social media awash with styling ideas for everything from modern container gardens to cottage-style planters. The key is making sure you have the products and inspiration in store to maximise this opportunity and help people achieve growing success with whatever space they have.

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