Coco & Coir™ – COCO BOOST outperforms competition

Company: Southern Trident

Recent independent growing trials revealed that Coco & Coir™ COCO BOOST has the best performance results beating the UK’s best-selling peat-based and peat-free composts.

The growing trials were conducted by Stockbridge Technology Centre, the UK’s premier horticulture growing and testing facility. The trials tested the performance of various growing media based on the growth of tomato and petunias following the industry defined P7 methodology. COCO BOOST was benchmarked against the UK’s top selling peat-based and peat-free selling composts.

In the trials, COCO BOOST produced petunias two and a half times the size of the best-selling peat-free compost and yielded three and a half times more flowers. For tomatoes, the plants were 33% larger and grew much stronger root systems. Even against the best-selling peat-based compost, COCO BOOST produced petunia plants that were 7% larger each yielding 7% more flowers. This was similarly reflected in the tomato plants grown.

Plant vigour based on plant size and colour remained excellent throughout the trial for those grown in Coco & Coir™ COCO BOOST. Plants grown in this peat-free coir compost were reported as being the most marketable plants due to the combination of larger plants and better foliage colour.

Steve Harper, Southern Trident’s CEO, says: “the results from the Stockbridge trials reflect the feedback consumers have been telling us.

Coco & Coir™ COCO BOOST is specially formulated to provide gardeners with the best 100% peat-free compost to grow healthy, strong plants.” Coco & Coir™ COCO BOOST has a balanced pH with an optimum air-filled porosity even when fully saturated. It has excellent drainage properties to prevent water-logging and has natural anti-fungicidal properties that helps plants get rid of soil-borne diseases. Our coir is 100% renewable, peat-free and environmentally friendly.

Southern Trident Ltd, through its brand Coco & Coir™ in the last 12 months has enjoyed substantially beyond budgeted, increased sales growth. Southern Trident is a UK company with strong roots in India supplying high quality coir based growing medium and eco-friendly doormats. Customers are supplied direct from source to market in a fully Southern Trident managed seamless operation. Sustainability is at the heart of Southern Tridents foundation believing that the coconut is the perfect crop that will work for the consumer, the environment and meet the aims of the Southern Trident strongly held company values, Green today, Greener tomorrow.

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