All-ways home & garden sprayers work at all angles

Company: STV International

Reaching tricky areas with a good quality sprayer is now easy thanks to the All-ways home & garden sprayers which works at all angles – even when upside down! They are available in a range of styles and sizes from a 500ml trigger spray up to a 2Litre pressure spray version.

Often, gardeners are advised to ‘spray the underside of the leaves’ when treating for pests, which means many conventional sprayers are a big frustration! With All-ways multipurpose sprayers it’s much easier to reach those hard-to-treat areas – not only in the garden but around the home too.

The handy multi-use All-ways trigger sprayers have adjustable nozzles and a translucent tank, which makes it easy to see the contents for more accurate measuring and mixing. They’re suitable for small spraying tasks around the home, like misting houseplants or spraying cleaning solutions. They’re also robust enough to use out in the garden or in the workshop for bigger tasks too.

There are also two pressure sprayers available in the range which work equally well at any angle- especially useful when spraying the bottom of fence panels with wood stain or the wheels of the car with detergent. The corrosion-proof robust rigid tanks and adjustable brass nozzles make them an ideal multi-purpose pressure spray for home and garden use.

Prices start at RRP £4.99 for the 500ml trigger spray version, so they also represent great value.

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