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Company: Durstons

Supplying top-quality growing media products to garden centres and retailers throughout the UK is something which Durston Garden Products has been doing for many years. So it’s not surprising that its message to retailers at this years GLEE is one of continued support and co-operation, particularly when working towards a peat-free future.

Always at the forefront of technology, Durston Garden Products prides itself on its’ attention to detail when sourcing the right compost for its customers.  By using locally sourced renewable organic material, not only does ‘Gro-Boost’ technology help give plants a long lasting nutrient boost, but it benefits the local environment too.

Producing a quality product is what Durstons do best and it’s for this reason that they are so extremely fastidious when it comes to checking the quality of all of its composts before allowing anything to pass through its factory gates on route to its customers. 

And it’s not just its products that the company care about, but the packaging it supplies its products in too. All Durstons bags are produced from 100% recyclable material.

So, as the world and the environment changes at a pace of knots, it’s vital that forward thinking companies like Durstons do the same. By continuing to invest heavily into its’ locally produced unique blend of organic materials -‘Gro-Boost’, Durstons is confident of its position in the marketplace to supply the industry throughout the UK for many years to come.


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