A clean sweep: New Burgon & Ball RHS-endorsed garden brushes

Company: Burgon & Ball
  • Burgon & Ball RHS-endorsed large dustpan and brush
  • Burgon & Ball new RHS-endorsed garden brush range
  • Burgon & Ball RHS-endorsed 18-inch bassine garden brush

This season Sheffield-based Burgon & Ball, creator of beautiful premium gardening tools and accessories since 1730, is launching a new collection of RHS-endorsed garden brushes. Designed for gardeners looking for quality garden brushes, the new collection extends Burgon & Ball’s RHS-endorsed tool offering into a new category.

Consisting of sweeping brushes with heads up to 18 inches (45cm) in width as well as small hand brushes, the range offers solutions for all kinds of cleaning and clearing jobs around the garden, shed and greenhouse.

Across the range, these garden brushes feature denser bristles than entry-level alternatives, offering superior sweeping performance. All brushes carry RHS endorsement and are backed by a two-year guarantee against manufacturing defects. FSC®-certified hardwood with a protective wax finish ensures a long life, and strong Burgon & Ball branding helps shoppers find the name they trust.

What’s more, the range has been designed with sustainability in mind, in tune with today’s consumer requirements. There’s a wide choice of brushes with natural fibres; the plastic elements are easily recyclable or are made using recycled content; and production and shipping options have been selected for their reduced carbon footprint.

In the larger garden brushes, the range starts with a 9-inch (24cm) deck and scrubbing brush with natural bassine* fibres. In the 12-inch (30cm) width, there’s a choice of fibres - stiff synthetic fibres for sweeping coarser materials; natural bassine for general sweeping of all outdoor areas; or soft synthetic fibres for sweeping finer material on smoother surfaces. Both stiff and soft synthetic fibres are made from 100 per cent recycled material. The large brush line-up is completed by an 18-inch (45cm) natural bassine brush, ideal for fast sweeping of larger areas.

In hand brushes, there’s a hand scrubbing brush with natural bassine bristles, suitable for patios, garden furniture, pots and other garden items. A hand sweeping brush, again with natural bassine bristles, is useful for general sweeping of all surfaces in the garden, shed or greenhouse. Finally, a heavy-duty dustpan and brush is ideal for collecting garden debris. The polypropylene dustpan contains 50 per cent recycled material and is also easily recyclable at the end of its life. The companion brush features soft bristles in 100 per cent recycled PVC.

The larger brushes are sold complete, helping retailers avoid the complexity of separate head and handle sales. Rather than coming pre-assembled, the head and handle are secured together for the gardener to assemble. This has the twin advantages of making the brushes easier to merchandise in-store, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of transportation. The durable polypropylene head-to-handle connector is easily recyclable in kerbside collections at the end of its life.

Everyday things done well are always in demand. These traditional-style garden brushes are sure to hit the mark with gardeners wanting a straightforward yet elegant solution to the universal and constant requirement of tidying up. With RRPs from £5.99 to £18.99, this new collection fills the gap in the market for a high-quality and accessibly priced brush range.


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