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Company: Capi Europe

Capi Europe presents sustainable potting line 100% made from Waste

Sustainable design with waste in the leading role. That, in a few words, is the new line 'Waste' by pot expert Capi Europe. These pots are made from cork, old Capi planters, and sea waste. The Waste collection is designed and, 100% CO2-neutral, produced in the Netherlands. The pots are available in a 'smooth' and a 'rib' version. They let your plants shine.

Separating waste, recycling, planting a vegetable garden, taking shorter showers, cycling more: together we are doing our best to protect the environment. Capi Europe also does its bit when it comes to looking after the planet.

From plastic soup to planter

Because the surplus of waste - and particularly sea waste - is a major problem, Capi Europe came up with a way to transform waste into design. By combining sea waste with (plastic) cork and recycled Capi planters, the new line 'Waste' was born. High quality pots with a functional design. The Waste planters are made 100% from recycled materials, 100% CO2-neutral produced and 100% recyclable. So, people can enjoy their plants even more, both indoors and outdoors.

The Capi Waste planters are made from 100% waste, are 100% CO2 neutral and 100% recyclable.

No orange inside, just as beautiful

Because the Waste products are made from 100% waste, the planters have no orange, and therefore insulating, interior. This way, the Waste line stands out even more within the Made in Holland collection and its recycled character is emphasized. With regard to the exterior appearance, you can choose between a 'smooth' or 'rib' version.

Capi Europe - Grow a greener life

The Capi story began in 1997. Over the past 25 years, the pots and planters from this Brabant-based company have undergone enormous developments. By now, Capi is known for its tasteful lightweight pot and planter collection, culminating in the Made in Holland collection, which is entirely produced in the Netherlands. Grow a greener life is now more than a corporate mission. It stands for a way of life in which we clean up our own mess, take care of the earth and leave a cleaner planet for our children. And because sustainability can also be beautiful, every Capi product is an asset to your interior.

We dare you to do the same!
Capi Europe. Grow a greener life.


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