Golden Hooves expands regenerative cheese range

Company: Golden Hooves

British farmer-owned dairy co-operative, First Milk has announced the launch of Golden Hooves Vintage Cheddar, adding a more rugged and intense cheddar to its regenerative cheese range.  

Made to the same award-winning recipe as Golden Hooves Mature Cheddar, using fully traceable regeneratively farmed milk, the Vintage Cheddar is then aged for 18 to 24 months by the co-op’s highly experienced cheese graders. This has resulted in a firm-bodied, complex and well-balanced cheddar with strong savoury and caramel notes, as well as a distinctive crumble and satisfying lactate crystals throughout. 

Vintage Cheddar will join the Golden Hooves range to help wave the flag for First Milk’s 700 farms across the UK, which are united by a shared commitment to healthy soil, healthy cows and healthy people. Working together in a collective drive to make dairy farming part of the solution and leave the world in a better place, the co-op’s members adapt robust regenerative methods to best suit the individual characteristics of their own farms, supported by a cycle of improvements, measurement and review to ensure that continual progress is made.

Each intervention supports at least one of First Milk’s five regenerative farming principles, which include livestock integration, minimising soil disturbance, protecting the soil surface, encouraging plant diversity and maintaining living roots. With the help of grazing cows to work the land with their magic hooves, these measures are known to remove carbon from the atmosphere by sequestering it into the soil. 

Golden Hooves Vintage Cheddar is available for retail in pre-packed 200g wedges via Longman’s, and for food service via Castell Howell. Stockists can request pricing information by emailing 

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