Working together for better plant health

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH), in association with FloraCulture International, is inviting all those involved in the ornamental horticulture supply chain to attend its virtual Plant Health Conference, ‘Working Together for Better Plant Health’.

The online conference will take place on 24 March 2021 and is free to attend for registered participants.


Expert international speakers will describe what the industry is doing to tackle the threats posed by notifiable pests and diseases.  Presentations include: -

  • Mr Ralf Lopian, Chair of the International Steering Committee for the IYPH 2020, will provide the conference keynote speech… Why plant health is important to producers and traders, how the future could look.
  • Dr Audrey Gerber, AIPH Technical Advisor, will share the results of AIPH’s recent international survey that gathered information about industry-led plant health initiatives to assist in improving plant health systems.
  • Mr Leonardo Capitanio, President of Italian Nurserystock Exporters Association (ANVE) will share his experiences on how Italian growers have tackled the challenges of Xylella and how they are providing more plant health assurances for the future.
  • Dr Alistair Yeomans will present the development of the new Plant Healthy programme for the UK.
  • Mr Craig Regelbrugge, Senior Vice President-Advocacy and Research, AmericanHort, will describe programmes in the USA that are facilitating the movement of plants across regional and international borders.

The AIPH says “This conference will be of interest to growers, breeders, traders, retailers, associations, exhibitions, regulators, and anyone that cares about reducing plant health threats while maintaining a thriving horticultural trade.”

The event is free, Register for the AIPH Plant Health conference 2021.

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