What More UK celebrate partnership with new National Home Improvement Week initiative

Company: What More UK

What More UK are celebrating their partnership with the National Home Improvement Week.

The brand-new consumer-facing marketing initiative is coordinated by BHETA (The British Home Enhancement Trade Association). National Home Improvement Week is set to be a landmark event in the home and garden industry.

The easiest way to improve your home for National Home Improvement Week is with innovative storage solutions. Wham products are a quick way to fill the home with stylish and modern items in every room. Wham products range from kitchen, bedroom and bathroom to garden, garage and utility spaces. With a huge selection there is something to fill every space and meet every requirement.

Established in 1999, What More UK Limited has grown rapidly to become the UK's largest manufacturer and brand leader of plastic housewares, gardening and storage products, under the Wham® brand. National Home Improvement Week will embrace all aspects of home and garden improvement from trends to techniques and from achievement to enjoyment, which directly mirrors the services and products that What More UK offer.

Tony Grimshaw OBE, Director of What More UK, said: "We decided to become a partner in this initiative because it celebrates everything the company is. We aim to help the UK to get tidy and organised - the easiest way to improve your home is to fill it to bursting with Wham products: in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the utility room, in the garage, in the garden."

As proud suppliers exporting to 71 countries, What More UK are keen to share their British-made products with buyers and consumers both in the UK and abroad. They are members of The Made in Britain Campaign, who support and promote British manufacturing, and now sponsor the British-born National Home Improvement Week … What More UK are flying the flag for the country.

For more information about National Home Improvement Week visit www.homeimprovementweek.co.uk

For more information about What More UK visit www.whatmoreuk.com

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