British pet product exhibitors excited to launch innovative new products at lnterzoo 2022

Company: PetQuip

The UK exhibitor group at this year’s PetQuip-organised British pavilion at lnterzoo is offering buyers from across the world a multitude of new product launches at this year's show.

Interzoo, a key international exhibition for the pet sector, returns to Nuremberg in Germany on 24-27 May 2022 and, as last autumn’s edition of Zoomark International demonstrated, there is an appetite for attending shows again as constraints on international travel are eased.

The British exhibitors at the show will have new and exciting products on display, covering many sectors of the pet industry.

From plant-based pet food to bug-based treats, there will be an exciting and innovative range of products to attract visiting buyers to the stands of UK suppliers. Other product sectors to feature innovations include dog training accessories, pet bedding, microfibre towels, mats, feeding bowls, shampoos and cosmetics.

In addition to the UK product supplier exhibitors, PetQuip is organising and manning a British pet product information stand (9-502a), which buyers can visit to find out more about sourcing thousands of British pet products.


The British companies and their products are as follows:

Akela Pet Foods Ltd (Stand 9-514c)

Akela 80:20 Complete Dry Working Dog Foods – Original, Fish Feast, Suffolk Duck, Scottish Salmon and Free Range Chicken – are a world first, using only freshly prepared chicken and no meat meal.

All About Pet Health (Stand 9-501b)

All About Pet Health will be exhibiting a range of soft chews and liquids that are veterinary formulated to address a range of common ailments found in dogs and cats, including allergy, urinary, joint, skin & coat, digestion, calming, dental, grooming and general health.

Bob Martin (Stand 9-601a)

Bob Martin’s market-leading range of flea, tick and worm products help keep your pet flea-free, tick-free and worry-free. The treatments are regulated and approved by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, giving pet owners the added peace of mind that they are safe and effective.

Bronte Glen (Stand 9-501a)

The firm manufactures the highest quality vet bedding in Europe, recommended and used by vets, breeders and pet owners alike. Bronte Glen produces a range of mats, throws and dog beds, including non-slip, waterproof and antibacterial options in a variety of styles, sizes and colours.

Burgess Pet Care (Stand 9-613b)

Burgess Excel is introducing the new, world's first indoor guinea pig nuggets. While indoor guinea pigs might roam the lounge rather than the great outdoors, they still need to obtain all the nutrients from their diet that they would find grazing in the wild.

Burns Pet Nutrition (Stand 9-507b)

A pioneering pet food brand, Burns specialises in using simple, healthy and wholesome ingredients to create award-winning recipes that pets love.

Byotrol (Stand 9-607b)

Byotrol develops and commercialises market-leading antimicrobial technologies and products. It specialises in high-performance, sustainable and regulatory-approved chemicals, providing powerful protection from viruses and harmful bacteria, without the use of bleach or alcohol.

Canagan (Stand 9-503a)

Suppliers of the highly successful and award-winning Canagan pet food. The growing reputation of the Canagan brand can be attributed to high quality ingredients, robust customer retention, product performance and a determined loyalty to the independent pet trade.

ChickenGuard (Stand 9-505b)

ChickenGuard, maker of the world’s most innovative chicken coop door openers, has just got better. With the launch of its new and improved door openers, which offer self-calibration and host of new features, chickens have even more protection against predators, giving additional peace of mind to chicken owners.

Company of Animals (Stand 4-206)

Founded in 1979, Company of Animals is a hub of activity, research and innovation. The company is constantly developing exciting products that work to resolve pet-related behaviour and training problems, improve animal welfare and enrich the lives of pets and their families.

Dog Rocks & Be:Loved Pets (Stand 9-605c)

The company is seeking international partners to distribute its natural products for pets. Dog Rocks stops pet urine burning grass naturally.  Place this natural rock in a pet’s drinking water and no more pet pee burn marks.

DogsLife (Stand 9-603c)

DogsLife has everything covered from nose to tail. From bad breath to anxious car journeys, the company has something to help pets. The dog-loving team has worked hard to develop purpose-built products to help dog owners become the person their dog deserves.

Group55/Animology, GRP 55 Ltd (Stand 9-127)

Group55 will be showcasing its flagship pet care brand, Animology, offering a comprehensive range of shampoos and grooming sprays for all dogs and coat types.

Henry Wag (Stand 9-515b)

Henry Wag exists to improve the health and wellbeing of pets. The company does this by providing products for outdoor dog adventures, allowing more exercise and a closer relationship between dogs and humans.

HOWND (Stand 7-660)

HOWND’s 100% plant powered superfood is attracting plenty of interest just as vegan dog food is gaining momentum around the world.

Inspired Pet Nutrition (Stand 9-359a)

IPN is an innovative, well-established and award-winning pet food manufacturer. The family of brands include Harringtons, Wagg, Barking Heads, AATU and a selection of partner brands that trust the company to produce food on their behalf.

Interpet Ltd – Central Garden & Pet (Stand 1-213)

Interpet, owned by Central Garden & Pet, represents its parent pet brands of Nylabone, Kaytee and Four Paws with sales across Europe and around the world, as well as manufacturing and developing successful market leading in-house pet and aquatic brands, including Mikki, PetLove, Aquagarden and Interpet aquatics.

James and Steel Ltd (Stand 7-317)

BAM! Super Potent North American Catnip toys are made in the UK using pure, long lasting North American catnip. The Sötnos Earth Aware Accessories for dogs are made using recycled materials and packaging to help reduce the carbon paw print.

Kompact9 (Stand number: 9-608f)

Introducing Kompact9, the first pocket size ball launcher. Kompact9 was born from a frustration, one shared by many dog owners.

Law Print & Packaging Management Ltd (Stand 9-515a)

Ready 2 Recycle range of sustainable mono material packaging solutions for the pet food market, in PE/PE or PP/PP materials, either glossy or matt finish, printed Rotogravure up to 10 colours and available in Pouch, Quad Seal Bag, Flat Bottom Bag or Heat-sealable Woven Bag.

Little BigPaw (Stand 9-508a)

Little BigPaw is launching a new range of 100% natural, soft and squidgy training treats.

McAdams Free Range Pet Foods (Stand 9-302a)

McAdams Raw Preserve is the world’s finest freeze-dried food for adult dogs, made using 85% free range, boneless, chicken, sourced from UK farms and gently blended with grain-free ingredients, joint care, vitamins, and minerals.

MICRO-ID (Stand 9-505a)

Global ID Marketing Ltd (GID) manufactures the Micro-ID™ microchip for animal identification. GID is building a network of distributors for its radio frequency identification products and welcomes enquiries from all parts of the world to become exclusive distributors.

Mr Bug Ltd (Stand 7-317)

Mr Bug has released a new range of insect-based dog treats called ‘Bug Bites’ made in four great wheat-free flavours – The Nutty One, The Fruity One, The Cheesy One and The Veggie One.

Naturo Petfoods (Stand 9-505d)

A high level of care and attention is used to manufacture the company’s natural wet and dry dog food.

Neptunes Yard (Stand 9-515c)

Neptunes Yard Prebiotic Fermented Seaweed Supplement is a new innovative dog food supplement provided by nature and perfected by science. Seaweed has been used for millennia by coastal inhabitants as a nutritional, easily accessible and sustainable food source.

PARK LiFE (Stand 9-605d)

Introducing the world's first dog biscuit range made with seeds as the number one ingredient. The range includes: Fris-Bix, Love-Bix and Chill-Bix

PATS 2022 & AQUA 2023 (Stand 9-504b)

PATS is the UK’s number one pet industry exhibition, taking place at Telford International Centre UK from 25th-26th September 2022. AQUA 2023 is the UK’s water gardening and aquatics trade exhibition and takes place at the Telford International Centre UK from 11th-12th October 2023.

Pet Rebellion Ltd (Stand 9-516a)

Pet Rebellion specialises in practical pet rugs and mats for the home and car to combat muddy paws and messy dogs. Designed in the UK, all the products are machine washable and absorbent.

Pet Remedy (Stand 9-607c)

Pet Remedy natural de-stress and calming products help all pets including cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, birds, and starts to help instantly.

PetDreamHouse (Stand 9-516b)

PetDreamHouse creates fun and distinctive products that promote feeding enrichment to pets. The company offers two types of game-like feeders to keep dogs/cats entertained during meals while also exercising their minds. 

Pets Choice Ltd (Stand 9-603b)

Pets Choice is a market-leading manufacturer of pet food, pet healthcare and accessories, based in the UK. The company supplies high-quality products worldwide.

Petzfoodware (stand 9-608a)

The company’s containers and lids come in various sizes and shapes for wet pet food – rectangular, octagon, round and square.

Puppy Cuisine (Stand 9-514b)

Puppy Cuisine is the latest member to join the pack. By introducing a puppy to Eden, an owner will take them on a journey that will see it thriving at the time it needs the most nutritional support.

Red Gorilla International (Stand 9-604c)

Gorilla Tubs, shovels, forks, buckets, food scoops and stirrers, brooms, a whole range of products for the maintenance of larger animals. Designed and made in UK and Europe to CE standards.

Scoff Paper (Stand 9-504c)

Scoff Paper invented the world’s first edible cards for dogs, which are made with natural ingredients, are flavoured and contain no rawhide.

Simply2 Pet Products (Stand 9-607a)

ProFleece pet bedding has a thick, dense pile of 2.5-3.1cm. It prevents pressure sores and joint pain even on hard surfaces. This hygienic bedding is machine washable, quick drying or can be tumble-dried cool.

Supreme (Stand 4-610)

Supreme will exhibit two product ranges, Science Selective and Tiny Friends Farm. Science Selective single component extruded nuggets meet the unique nutritional needs of small pets at all life stages and Selective Naturals Loops and Science Selective Timothy Hay complement this quality range.

Symply (Stand 9-500a)

Symply was relaunched in 2020 with brand new recipes and a new  look, in 100% recyclable packaging too. The growing reputation of the brands can be attributed to high-quality ingredients, robust customer retention, product performance and a determined loyalty to the independent pet trade.

Tabcat (Stand 9-508c)

New Tabcat is a cat tracking device, helping owners to locate their cat or kitten if they get lost, in even the hardest to find places. Award winning directional technology guides owners exactly where to walk inside or outside.

The Barking Bakery (Stand 9-507a)

Manufacturer of pawlicking, doggyliscious woofins, birthday and occasion cakes, cheesey biscuits, domuttz and flavoured popcorn for dogs.

The Original Vetbed (Stand 9-514a)

Petlife International Ltd will exhibit at Interzoo as The Original Vetbed. The Vetbed products include: the original Vetbed, Non-Slip Vetbed, Vetbed Gold – with antimicrobial properties, and the latest addition to the range – Non-Slip Vetbed British Wool Blend. All products are available in a range of unique and innovative colours and designs.

Tribal Pet Foods (Stand 9-502c)

Launching at Interzoo – 85% meat sausages, complete wet food for cats. Tribal believes in clean eating and minimally processed pet food. The company uses ethically sourced ingredients and lower cooking temperatures to create nutritious meals.

Vetfleece (Stand 9-508b)

Part of the Vetfleece family, AK-9 is a new range of dog leads, collars, harnesses and high raised beds. Featuring modern designs and unique hardware, the products have been manufactured using the highest quality materials, to ensure that the safety of pets is at the heart of everything the company does.

Vitalin Pet Food (Stand 9-608c)

A natural, hypoallergenic range of complete pet food, manufactured in Britain using the highest quality produce the UK has to offer.

Waterlife (Stand 9-504a)

Waterlife has been producing aquatic items for over 50 years from its automated site in West London. Waterlife products are well known in this sector for their effectiveness, reliability and value. The range includes medications, water conditioners, test kits, sea salt, reef additives, algicides and plant foods. New for 2022, Waterlife’s new Multi-Test Kits for aquariums and ponds. Tests included are: 

We.Pet (Stand 9-604a) owns and distributes internationally Frogg, King Catnip, Sense6 and Great & Small – all are tried and tested premium products.

YAKERS Dog Chews (Stand 9-605b)

YAKERS Dog Chews have been available in the UK for over four years, and have become a household favourite for dogs who love to chew. The company is introducing the new Fruit Infused chews and Herbal Infused chews. With Strawberry, Apple, Mint and Turmeric and Ashwagandha now available, visit stand 9-605b for more information and to get your hands on the new range.

Yora Pet Foods (Stand 9-513b)

Yora offers a full range of dog and cat food, treats and chews utilising a single novel and hypoallergenic animal protein source, the black soldier fly larvae (BSFL).

For further information on the British exhibitor group at Interzoo, please contact Katie-Mai Smith at

For details of PetQuip membership, please e-mail or visit

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