Where could a Colegrave Seabrook scholarship take you?

  • Zara Snow
  • Richard Moore

As the application closing date for Colegrave Seabrook Foundation scholarships approaches see how last year's winners used their awards.

31st January is the closing date for a variety of Colegrave Seabrook Foundation scholarships which support students with the costs of their studies, from course fees to materials and resources, along with a number of other bursaries on more specialist areas of plant science and research.

Here’s how three students applied their scholarships last year:

Tour to the Netherlands and Finland

Zara Snow, a BSc Horticulture student at Writtle University in Essex, has used her funding in 2023 to join a study tour to the Netherlands and Finland.

During the tour, she explored a wide range of horticultural applications, including herb farming, flower marketing, and agroforestry.

Zara expressed her gratitude for the Blue Diamond Scholarship, which allowed her to experience elements of the horticulture and food production industries abroad, giving her a greater understanding of the sector.

170km trek in Nepal

Richard Moore graduate recently from Edinburgh University with a distinction in his MSc in Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants in conjunction with The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh. 

He has returned from Nepal and Vietnam. During his 170km trek in Nepal, he observed the wide biodiversity and botany and collected specimens for Kew Gardens.

Richard expressed his gratitude for the Colegrave Seabrook Foundation scholarship, which gave him the opportunity to travel to such places and gain enriching and educational fieldwork experience.

Financial support at such a difficult time

Elizabeth Snowden is studying for her RHS level 3 Practical Certificate in Horticulture at Askham Bryan.  Her scholarship was funded by Blue Diamond Garden Centres.  She said, “The scholarship has been incredible, it is a huge relief for me to have this financial support at such a difficult time and I appreciate it greatly.

“My studies go right through until June 2024 and I am enjoying them so much more now with some of the financial pressure eased a little. I am inspired by what I am learning and the people I am meeting - there’s just so many things one could do in horticulture and I just want to do them all!”


Bursaries from £500 up to £5,000 are available to students studying a broad base of plant science and horticultural topics, on a full or part time basis, through a UK based university or college.

The on-line application process is easy and scholarships are not means tested.

Foundation Trustee, Neil Gow said, “Students should focus their application on demonstrating their ambition and attitude as well as their aptitude rather than getting to hung up on which scholarship to apply for. As a board of Trustees as we asses each application and we will we often find funds to support from another of our funds as we look for people who want to go places and do things in their career in professional horticulture.” 


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