Titchmarsh to reveal Garden Re-Leaf activities at Garden Writers lunch

The idea of creating Garden Re-Leaf Day to launch the gardening season is rapidly gathering momentum. March 13th 2012 looks set to become a national back-to-the-garden party with manufacturers and garden centres getting together with celebrities to draw gardeners out of their winter quarters.

The organisers urgently need to hear about any activities planned so that they can be added to the diary of events to be distributed on November 30th at The Garden Media Guild Awards & Awards Lunch. Alan Titchmarsh will take to the stage to tell the hundreds of local and national garden writers about the event and the more examples he can give, the more interest it will create.

It is hoped that every local paper and every local radio station will get involved with the day, together with the national media .The Sun newspaper has already pledged the support of their gardening page to pre-publicise events and it is believed they will give away 20,000 strawberry plants.

There will be a Celebrity Gardening Quiz set by Christine Walkden, Toby Buckland and Pippa Greenwood that garden centres can use as one of their fund raisers. There is a hint from Boyd Douglas-Davies, who thought of Garden Re-Leaf Day, that they might even ‘appear’ on the day.

Westland is offering a lorry load of compost to the garden centre generating the best PR. Solus has promised £1000 credit note for the same thing.

Money raised from the event will support the Greenfingers Charity. Scotsdales Garden Centre have thrown down the gauntlet by offering a special Shield and giant hamper to the garden centre that raises the most money for Garden Re-Leaf although it is rumoured that they’re out to win their own prize!

For more information about Garden Re-Leaf Day see www.gardenreleaf.co.uk. If you're organising an event on Garden Re-Leaf Day, email the details to info@gardenreleaf.co.uk before 24th November.
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