Profits are up - Who said 2012/13 was a difficult time for gardening?

There are over 1900 companies related to the garden industry listed in Gardenforum’s Company Results pages. Here’s a summary of those that have recently published new figures. To see more detail and other companies you are interested in, log on to Tradeforum/Company Results – it is free for Gardenforum members.

Nurseries on the up:
Allensmore Nurseries increased sales by 9% to £8m and profit* recovered to £125k** for y/e (year ending) Sept 13
There was a big increase – 63% - in sales at David Austin Roses to £15.3m with profit rising sharply to £2.1m for y/e Jul 13
Sales at Goredale Nurseries were static at £8.5m but profit increased to £973k for y/e Sep 13.

Nurseries that fell back:

Garden Centres showing growth:
DJ Squire & Co increased sales 3% to £37.8m in the year they bought Secretts garden centre with profit up 17% to £2.7m for y/e Jul 13
Turnover at Park Garden Centre grew 6% to £10.7m. Profit leapt to £3.3m for y/e Aug 13. At the end of the year the company sold Lechlade and Cheddar garden centres, in preparation for the redevelopment of Almondsbury, this is likely to have had an exceptional impact on the net profit declared.
Thompsons Nursery increased sales 30% to £6m, but profit fell to £16k for y/e Jun 13.
Revenue at Webbs Garden Centres was static at £13.6m, but the group returned to profit earning £528k for y/e Dec 2013.

Garden Centres that had a less good year:
Turnover at Adrian Hall has fallen to £4.3m from £5.3m two years ago for y/e June 13
Sales at were 8% lower and profit fell back to £161k for y/e Oct 2013.

Suppliers that improved performance:
Baker Taylor, the book supplier, held sales level at £28m but increased profit to £915m for y/e June 13
Sales at Bulrush Horticulture increased 9% to £12.7m, while profit was stable at £1.8m for y/e Sept 13
Harrod UK increased sales by 4% to £12m and profit by 51% to £672k for y/e Dec 13
Kelkay changed its year end, reporting sales of £10.8m and a profit of £806K for the 15 months ending Sep 13
Turnover fell slightly at OA Taylor Bulbs to £14m, but profits increased to £2.6m for y/e Nov 13.
Gloster Furniture returned to profit - £55k – on sales 10% lower at £9.5m for y/e Dec 13.

Suppliers reporting a less good year:

For each of these companies, a summary of the key figures for the last 3 years can be found on tradeforum/company results.

Other organisations:
Datateam Business Media in the year they bought DIY Week and Hardware and Garden Review they increased sales to £6.8m returning a profit of £388k for y/e Jun 13

Companies reporting partial accounts in the last month include:
Details can be found on Tradeforum/Company results

Dougal Philip
Four Oaks Nurseries
Hayloft Plants
Konstsmide (UK)
Malcolm Scott Consultants
Peter Beales Roses
Podington Nurseries
Threesixty Innovation
Vivid Arts
Whartons Nurseries

*Profit refers to profit before tax
** £125k means £125,000
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