New HTA group for Bedding Plant Growers

A new HTA specialist group has been set up to represent the interests of bedding plant growers. This is a new development that creates the opportunity to provide support for some of the most prominent bedding plant growers in the UK who are already in membership, and recognises the interest shown by a number of other well-known bedding plant growers who have recently joined the Association.

Members of the steering committee for the HTA Bedding Plant Group are:-

Stuart Lowen, Ball Colegrave
Peter Byrne, Bordon Hill Nurseries
Paul Tyson, Coletta & Tyson
Nick Richards, Farplants Ltd
Simon Edwards, Golden Acres Nursery
Peter Hull, Nursery Fresh Plants Ltd
Paul Brooking, Quality Ornamentals
Chris Meredith, RA Meredith & Son
Chris Need, Roundstone Nurseries
Mike Smith, WD Smith & Son
Ruth Ashfield, HDC

The first event will be a Bedding Focus Conference to be held at Ball Colegrave on 28th October 2010. The conference will cover current marketing and business issues facing the sector and future gardening trends; production efficiency and financial control for bedding plant nurseries; and culminate in a look towards the future for the industry including cross-sector panel discussions between growers and retailers and growers and plant breeders.

Tim Briercliffe, HTA Director of Business Development comments, “The bedding plant sector needs to be able to tap into market research and strategically plan, as an industry, for the future. What started as an enthusiasm for an industry conference has evolved, following suggestions from members, into a group focusing on the marketing and business needs of the sector. We are commissioning some specific market research this spring into public perceptions and attitudes towards bedding plants and this will be presented at the conference. We also want to ensure that bedding plants and grow-your-own vegetable plants are properly incorporated into our plant promotional activity through PlantforLife and Plant of the Month campaigns. We are looking forward to working with our bedding plant grower members to progress these exciting initiatives.”

Stuart Lowen, Marketing Manager Ball Colegrave said, “Ball Colegrave is delighted to be hosting the 2010 HTA Bedding Plant Conference. There is a real need for an ornamental bedding event, uniting the industry with topical issues, which affect all our businesses. The scope is wide, encompassing financial control, environmental and sustainability matters, market research and technical information. Our steering group draws on extensive experience from across the ornamental bedding industry, to deliver a powerful, practical and cost effective event for Growers and Retailers alike. It is great to have the support of the HTA in addressing these important industry issues."

For further information about the HTA Bedding Plant Group contact Martin Simmons, HTA Business Development Manager

Tel: 07738 801584 / Email:
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