Latest results for garden companies show mixed performances

Latest results for garden companies show mixed performances

Gardenforum has completely refreshed its database of company results. Many new companies have been added. Recent updates include the latest figures from Westland Horticulture, Solus Garden & Leisure, DJ Squire, Wyevale Nurseries and Haskins. See more...

Gardenforum has completely refreshed its database of company results. Gone are the dormant companies and hundreds of new companies, active in the garden sector, have been added.

There is no better way to spend half an hour than to browse through Company Results in tradeforum. We list over 1700 companies involved in the garden sector, showing a summary of their published accounts for the last 3 years.

Here are a few garden centres whose results have been recently updated. Most refer to the 2011 trading year:
  • Burford Garden Centre increased sales 10% to £9.2m although profit before tax (PBT) fell back;
  • Chatsworth Garden Centre broke even after publishing two years of losses;
  • Chessington Nurseries increased sales by 17% to £8.8m although PBT fell by more than half to £120k;
  • Chester Garden Centre saw a slight reduction in sales to £6.2m and it recorded a loss for the second time in 3 years;
  • D J Squire & Co (Squire's) increased sales to £36.6m but PBT declined for the second consecutive year;
  • The various Haskins Garden Centres reported, indicating a decline in turnover;
  • QD Stores reported sales of £59m.
  • The Garden Centre Group reports figures prior to the purchase by Terra Firma. Sales for 2011 were £263m, there was a loss before tax of £5.5m.
Suppliers with new figures include:
  • Contico Manufacturing with sales of £9.9m;
  • Doff Portland with sales of £9.7m, PBT of £122k and borrowings of £4.4m;
  • The Edinburgh Woollen Mill yielded PBT of £25m on sales of £162m;
  • Fiskars sales doubled to £20m but yielded a loss of £6.2m, borrowings doubled to £12.6m;
  • Haddonstone increased sales by 24% to £6.2m with pre tax profits up sharply to £1.3m;
  • Ornamental Plants reported sales of £9.4m and PBT of £383k;
  • Palmstead Nurseries revealed sales of £3.5m and a PBT of £36k;
  • Turnover fell at Premier to £24m but PBT increased to £1.2m;
  • Rolawn sales increased marginally to £12.7m;
  • Rowlinson Garden Products increased sales to £14.4m at the expense of profits which fell sharply to £147k;
  • Solus Garden & Leisure pushed sales up 4% to £96m. PBT improved to £2.1m;
  • Westland Horticulture published sales of £68m and a PBT of £4.6m;
  • Sales at Whartons Holdings fell back to £3.5m and PBT fell to £36k. However these are for y/e August 2012 and include the wet 2012 season;
  • The same is true for Wyevale Nurseries, where sales fell back to £9.7m which led to a loss of £51,000 and a slight increase in borrowings.
Company Results are updated each month as accounts are filed at Companies House. They are free to Gardenforum subscribers and are a great way of checking the progress of trading partners and competitors.
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