Horticultural Scholarship Season Opens

Company: The David Colegrave Foundation (DCF)

The David Colegrave Foundation (DCF) Scholarship Season opens next month, giving young horticulturists five months to apply for a scholarship.

This year’s scholarships include the Markham - Colegrave International Scholarship Award which offers $4,500 USD for the opportunity to organise a work placement in a horticultural business in the US/Canada.

There are six types of scholarship for 2015-16:

  • Student scholarships
    £1,000 study support payment
  • South West Growers Show Scholarship
    £1,500 study support payment.
  • Floranova Ornamental Horticulture Research Scholarship
    £1,500 to encourage the development of important skills in R&D such as plant breeding, biotechnology and seed technology. A work experience opportunity at Floranova will also be made available.
  • Ball Colegrave Scholarship
    £1,500 to fund travel to Europe in order to develop knowledge and experience in bedding plant production and marketing.
  • British Ornamental Plants Association
    Peter Seabrook Bursary £1,000 to support one or more students.
  • Markham - Colegrave International Scholarship Award
    $4,500 for the opportunity to organise a work placement in a horticultural business in the US/Canada.

Here’s what some of last year’s winners are saying about DCF’s scholarships:

“I could not have gained my qualification without the help of the DCF. The scholarship has helped me to pay for tuition fees, examination fees and travel expenses to college. It really has helped me in my growing horticulture career.” Charlotte Bancroft, Merrist Wood College

“The bursary took a huge weight off my shoulders. It is helping me to gain valuable knowledge as a horticulturist and has really spurred me on to want to achieve my goals and also continue to look for further training.” Stephen Massam, Myerscough College

“The DCF scholarship award is a great aid to any student studying horticulture. It gave me the opportunity to grow healthy plants to sell which I can go on to invest into my business next year.”  Adam Ferguson, College of Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise

“The DCF is playing a vital role in the future development of the UK’s horticultural industry.” Alastair Arnold, Writtle College

The last DCF Scholarship Season saw a total of £14,000 awarded to eleven students representing seven UK colleges. In total, applications were received from 20 colleges across the UK.

Students should get their applications in by 31 January 2016.

For more details visit www.davidcolegravefoundation.org.uk

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