BHETA to hold packaging seminar

BHETA is to hold an advisory webinar featuring the latest updates on packaging.  The session will take place on Tuesday 18th June at 10 am and will be the first of a series of regular packaging updates during the remainder of 2024.  The speakers will be Tracy Sutton and Hannah Worthington from new BHETA business service provider, Root, and the presentation is entitled ‘Getting to the Root of Packaging Regulation’.

Tracy and Hannah will talk for around thirty minutes to help delegates understand the regulatory pressures and anticipate future demands, before taking questions.  Questions can also be emailed to  ahead of the event. 

Why Compliance is not enough

The main agenda includes:

  • An actionable summary of the global policy landscape including Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Plastics Taxes, and the new EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulations
  • Why compliance is not enough
  • How to adapt to the new landscape and use it as a USP
  • Examples of other businesses which have started to adapt.

Non-members welcome…

The event will cover the DIY, garden, housewares, and electrical sectors.  Non-members who are interested in experiencing a BHETA event and are thinking of joining the association are also welcome to register for a ‘taster session’, on the condition they are happy to have a membership chat with the relevant sector manager.

Root is a trusted advisor to over 800 brands on sustainable packaging, delivering world-class advisory, strategy, regulatory and impact services to global brands and producers. 

The company guides teams through the complex sustainable packaging landscape, helps identify packaging regulation risks and become policy-prepared, and enables clients to meet mandatory reporting requirements. 

It also works with customers to ‘become leaders’ in responsible packaging, increasing competitive advantage while reducing reputational risk.  Tracy Sutton, Root Founder and Director, is a regular speaker at international conferences and a respected commentator in national and trade media.

BHETA’s marketing director, Steve Richardson commented, “Packaging regulation is very much top of mind for suppliers and retailers, so this is extremely topical.  The webinar is not just about compliance however, but about developing packaging solutions that deliver competitive advantage going forward.”

To register for the BHETA webinar, visit the BHETA website and follow the link.  For more information, contact BHETA Member Services on 0121 437 1130 or via email at

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