Applications for Scholarships are open until the end of January

Company: Colegrave Seabrook Foundation

The 31st January sees the closing of the application season for the varied range of Colegrave Seabrook Foundation scholarships for 2023. Bursaries from £500 up to £5,000 are available to students studying horticulture, on a full or part time basis, through one of the colleges in the UK.

Full details and application advice for the range of Scholarships, including those supported by Blue Diamond Garden Centres, Smart Garden Products and Majestic Trees, are on the Colegrave Seabrook Foundation website. However do not delay making your application as the deadline is looming and on line applications close on the 31st January 2023.

College lecturers play an important part in the application process, bringing the opportunities to the attention of students that the Foundation’s scholarships bring and supporting their applications. Students who demonstrate the right attitude, ability and ambition to make their career in one of the many branches of horticulture should apply for some financial support to help with costs of living, purchase of course materials, fees, travel costs or something as specific as the purchase of a new laptop or other tools to assist their studies.  

Jessica Mears

Jessica Mears, the recipient of a Blue Diamond Garden Centres scholarship in 2022 said, "Receiving my scholarship made such a difference to my final year of studies. Taking away some of the financial worries enabled me to concentrate on study and enjoy college more.

"The application process was easy, the fact that it was not means tested also made it so much more accessible. Being able to do some extra studies and qualifications has helped me so much with my work now. I am really grateful to the Foundation and Blue Diamond for their support and would recommend students to make their own application.”

Having graduated from Sparsholt College in Hampshire with a distinction,  Jessica is working with Jekka’s, a specialist herb growing nursery in south Gloucestershire, where she is able to put into practice so much of the horticultural knowledge she has learnt and hone her skills in propagation techniques.  

Jekka, described by TV Chef Jamie Oliver as the ‘Queen of Herbs’ grows in excess of 400 varieties of herbs for their culinary and medicinal properties supplying other specialist growers, landscapers and garden designers. They are also helping with a growing number of research projects for university and pharmaceutical companies looking at the healthcare potential of plants for skin care products and disease prevention.

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