1 in 7 success for National Garden Gift vouchers

The HTA’s own research has shown that in difficult market conditions National Garden Gift Vouchers provide a desirable source of additional income for all participating retailers. Half of buyers make a specially planned visit to buy National Garden Gift Vouchers and over two thirds make additional purchases in the same visit. Even when redeeming the vouchers, customers, who are frequently new ones, are likely to spend more than the value of their vouchers, with a third spending double their voucher’s worth. Research has also indicated that National Garden Gift Vouchers further drive profits as 80% of vouchers are redeemed against high margin plant sales.

David Butler, HTA’s National Garden Gift Voucher General Manager said, “As the only national voucher scheme for the garden industry, the fact that NGGV sales account for one in seven of all paper voucher sales is a clear demonstration of how popular the scheme is with retailers and customers alike. Our forthcoming seasonal promotion backed with national advertising will raise consumer interest further this Christmas showing how NGGV provide the ideal ‘flexible’ present to suit all budgets.”

If you would like further information about becoming a member of the NGGV scheme please contact the HTA Membership Services team on 0118 930 3132 or via the website www.the-hta.org.uk.
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