Yeoman spades and shovels put to work in Somerset flood relief work

Company: Solus Garden & Leisure

A donation of Yeoman spades and shovels by Solus Garden & Leisure is helping get lives back to normal after the devastating floods in the Somerset Levels.

Following an appeal from FLAG - the Flooding on the Levels Action Group - Solus quickly put together a delivery of 83 Yeoman spades and 52 Yeoman shovels to the Groups donation centre near Bridgwater.

Only now are the floodwaters receding sufficiently to allow locals to return to their homes and survey the devastation left by the flooding. Stuart Smith, who has given up his job to co-ordinate the relief efforts of local volunteers, says that the spades and shovels will be an invaluable resource in the clear-up.

We need them to clear contaminated mud and debris out of people’s homes and gardens – we’re digging out feet-deep of bacteria and fungi-laden silt from houses and taking it to landfill.

“We’re a month into the flooding already and there’s no end in sight yet. But the support and donations we’ve had from well-wishers locally and around the country has been amazing.”

The Group has launched an appeal for emergency flood relief funds at The government has also announced a £10.5 million investment to reduce flooding, including dredging rivers and strengthening flood management infrastructure.

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