Wyevale Nurseries unveils plans for the future at HTA show

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Wyevale Nurseries, which recently re-organised from three limited companies into one to enhance service, broaden its product range and offer customers a ‘one-stop-shop’, will be exhibiting at the show.
Managing Director, Andy Johnson said: “This year Wyevale Nurseries is embarking on the start of a new journey with renewed passion and determination to become market leaders in the supply of trees, transplants and container grown plants into the British market place.
“We continue to strive to be the customer’s first choice and we’re very keen to share all our plans for the future with the industry, so are really looking forward to HTA National Plant Show on June 24 and 25.”
Wyevale Containers, Wyevale Trees and Wyevale Transplants are now one company under the generic name Wyevale Nurseries.
Andy continued: “As part of our recent changes we now aim to be the ‘one-stop-shop’ for the landscaping and retail markets and are focused on reaching a potential new audience and widening the customer base trade contacts that we currently have.
“The reorganisation has freed up the team’s time to concentrate on and further enhance innovative production techniques and trialling new varieties, sustainable long into the future, and we’re keen to share it at the show with customers old and new.”
Wyevale Nurseries was established in 1928 by Harry Williamson, a horticultural pioneer and accomplished entrepreneur. It became the company it is today under the leadership of his son, Peter, who sadly passed away in 2011.
Andy added: “The Williamsons were innovative growers who seized the opportunity to sell their product to an undeveloped retail market, creating one of the first garden centres and then a chain of them.
“In 1987, it became apparent the retail side needed to expand and the then 19 garden centres were sold as a PLC.
“The family then concentrated its focus on its true passion – growing as Wyevale Nurseries Ltd. Wyevale Nurseries continues to be a family-run business with ownership and joint chairmanship passing to the third generation: Heather and Simeon Williamson.
“The policy remains the same and they plan to pass ownership onto the fourth generation in due course. Wyevale Nurseries is a name the family is extremely proud of, along with the strong history of the company, and it is this heritage that gives us a solid base from which to expand and embrace the future.”
The family has wholeheartedly supported the investment plans for the future.
Wyevale Nurseries’ Joint Chairman, Heather Williamson said: “Building the business – having grown up with it but observing it from the outside – it was apparent that to ensure it had a long-term future, it made sense to bring all the production divisions together to provide the ‘one-stop-shop’ customers are looking for these days.”
Heather and Simeon recognised the vast experience, skills and expertise each of the separate production companies, Wyevale Container Plants, Wyevale Transplants and Wyevale Trees, had built individually.
Andy continued: “Heather and Simeon saw the potential in bringing all this together and starting this new phase in the business’s development – re-incorporating Wyevale Container Plants, Wyevale Transplants and Wyevale Trees as production divisions within Wyevale Nurseries.
“The re-organisation into one company has focussed us on enhancing customer service through improved flexibility and internal efficiencies. We have always believed offering quality, range and service to our customers was paramount, but now we are developing this further.”
Since the re-organisation, all the key members of staff have remained from each of the original three divisions and they are still responsible for the company’s running and production, ensuring continuity of each specialism.
Andy concluded: “By unifying the divisions and having clear objectives across the board, we have capitalised on the synergies created and have started to vastly broaden the product range available to all of our customers.
“Our portfolio covers an extensive range of transplants, field and container grown trees and container grown hardy nursery stock.”
Wyevale Nurseries will be at stand number 45/46 at the HTA National Plant Show at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry on Tuesday, June 24 and Wednesday June 25
For further details about Wyevale Nurseries, which is based in Hereford, please call 01432 845 200 or visit www.wyevalenurseries.co.uk.


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