Whartons invests in marketing with new management position

Company: Whartons Roses

Whartons Roses welcomes Jo Davey to the new role of marketing manager. Jo joins Norfolk based rose grower Whartons with over 25 years of horticultural experience in marketing and sales. This includes a previous spell with Whartons and most recently with Floramedia, the horticultural communication and print business and fellow Anglia Group member Darby Nursery stock.

Managing Director Robert Wharton says, “In our drive to develop our range and promote new varieties through strong and meaningful range branding, we felt the time had come to create a role within the business dedicated to the marketing of roses and we’re happy to be welcoming Jo back to Whartons”.

Jo commented, “I'm super excited about my new role, in particular helping communicate the benefits of new rose breeding to the gardening media.

Whartons works with breeders from around the world, selecting and developing the best new varieties. Raising awareness of improved varieties and their benefits is crucial to helping retailers sell more roses”.

Each year brings new challenges in the operating environment be that legislation, weather or responding to consumer trends. In creating this new role Whartons will be better positioned to support their customers.

Whartons grow over 1.5 million roses every year in Norfolk and as it takes over two years to produce a rose plant, over 3 million plants are on site at any one time.

Whartons policy is to select and grow the very best performing varieties created by breeders all over the world. These are sold wholesale to UK garden centres and other trade outlets.


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