TV star to appear at PATS Telford

Company: PATS Telford

Trude Mostue, star of the BBC hit programmes Vet School and Vets in Practice, will return to the UK limelight when her new company Dr Krill Ltd exhibits at PATS Telford on September 27-28.

“I’m still working in TV and will have a programme on Polar Bears appearing soon but I am now focusing most of my time on my new venture - Dr. Krill Ltd,” says Trude.

“At PATS Telford I will be launching a unique product called Krill Bar, the first in a line of Krill-based products which help to heal bad skin and joints.”

Trude now lives in Oslo, Norway, with her fiancé and four children, and runs a veterinary practice there.

Her most widely recognised television roles were in the BBC Vet School in 1996, and later in the follow-up series Vets in Practice (1997-2002), though she went on to present a variety of wildlife programmes.

Trude will be on the Dr Krill stand at PATS (E3) throughout the show. “I’m looking forward to coming back to Telford again. The last time I was there I was filming with the BBC - some ferrets I think,” adds Trude.

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