Tillington chairman retires

Company: Tillington Group of Garden Centres

Harry McDermid, Chairman of the Tillington Group of Garden Centres has retired after 16 years at the helm.

Harry has left the buying group in great shape in 2015 having broken through the £200m barrier.

Harry was for many years Managing Director and Shareholder of Findlay Clark Garden Centres in Scotland before their purchase by Dobbies, it was at this point that Harry took over as Chairman.

The group recently held a dinner to mark the event in Latimer, Bucks, where Harry was presented with a reminder of his time with the group by Richard Webb, a founder member.

Member Companies

Alton, Bents, Frosts, Hayes, Otter, Ruxley, Scotsdales, Squire’s, Van Hage, Webbs, Whitehall

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