Student wins BPOA - Peter Seabrook Bursary in DCF Scholarship Season

Company: The David Colegrave Foundation (DCF)

Student, Gabor Lukoviczki, has won a David Colegrave Foundation (DCF) Sponsored Scholarship.

Gabor, who is studying at Myerscough College in Preston, Lancashire, received the £1,000 British Protected Ornamentals Association (BPOA) - Peter Seabrook Bursary.

While studying Production horticulture level 2, Gabor is also working as a grower at Lovania Nurseries. Following his current course, he hopes to go on to complete level 3 and aims to become a grower manager in the future.

Gabor says, “Thank you so much for the awarding me the £1,000 BPOA - Peter Seabrook Bursary! My training is really important to me as it is helping me become a better grower and opening up opportunities for further development. I am really pleased to have been selected for the bursary and recommend other keen horticulturists to apply for a scholarship with the David Colegrave Foundation in the future.”

The BPOA - Peter Seabrook Bursary supports students with a passion for commercial horticulture. The BPOA is a trade association for the producers of ornamental pot and bedding plants, and Peter Seabrook is a DCF Trustee and well-known horticultural writer and broadcaster.

Peter Seabrook, says, “Bedding plants have been the first nominated in the BBC Gardeners’ World search for the plants of the past half century, so Gabor is right in the spotlight and just the kind of young person our industry needs. I wish him every success.”   

Simon Davenport, Chairman of the BPOA, says, “BPOA is pleased to congratulate Gabor on the receipt of the Peter Seabrook Bursary and wishes him every success with his developing career in horticulture. Once again, we are delighted to support Peter in his effort to encourage new entrants to our industry. We are also grateful for the work of the David Colegrave Foundation in administering the bursary. BPOA members value the contribution of young students and trainees in improving the quality and size of the available pool of talent for our business and want to continue to back that work.”

As part of the DCF Scholarship Season several scholarships were available; the winners of the Student Scholarships are to be announced soon.

The next Scholarship Season runs from Sep 2017 to Jan 2018.

More information on scholarships visit

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