Southern Trident appoints new Digital and E-Commerce Manager

Company: Southern Trident

Southern Trident is delighted to announce the appointment of a new Digital and E-Commerce Manager. Alistair Williams has joined the company to help develop, lead and manage all the commercial and marketing activities of the company’s online networks.

Alistair brings a huge amount of knowledge about the digital world, and his expertise will help to continue to grow and establish Southern Trident as a leading player in the gardening market.

He has been working with all things digital his entire career. He started by kicking off pioneering and innovative online marketing campaigns and partnerships with international virtual social network Habbo Hotel. He created media first partnerships with the music industry, which saw the introduction of A-list stars like Faithless and Ozzy Osbourne. He has also worked closely with The Commission of Information (COI) to introduce drugs, HPV vaccine and sexual health information into the teenage-focused social networks, the first foray into social media by the UK government. After a two-year break travelling the world, which led to the publication of a recipe-travel book, Local Food from Around the World, he moved agency side to hone his digital skills for the next eight years. He believes digital affects all aspects of a business and is looking forward to improving Southern Trident’s use of digital to help retailers and customers alike.

Alistair says: “I’m really excited to join a company having the same sustainable and environmental ethos as I do. The time is now to resolve our carbon emissions and it’s awesome to work with a company who lives and breathes this goal. I want to help develop an online community around these principles, while championing the use of coconut coir and in particular our peat-free composts. I firmly believe using sustainable materials, like coconut, has a massive role in combatting climate change.”

Steve Harper, Southern Trident CEO, says: “This is a critical role for us as we continue to expand as a company, and it will strengthen our focus on the web-based side of our business while also improving our consumer engagement via social media and in other digital areas. As well as developing, leading and managing all our commercial and marketing activities, he will develop and implement innovative, growth-focused sales, marketing and a consumer loyalty strategy in the digital space. This will ensure that our profitable business growth is accelerated and that we achieve commercial success in both direct web and third-party marketplace networks. This is not only great for us, but also a very positive move for our network of retailers and other partners.”

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