Scottish Horticultural Medal awarded to Stan Green

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The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society’s (RCHS) Scottish Horticultural Medal has been awarded to Past President of the Horticultural Trades Association, Stan Green, for services to Scottish Horticulture.

Stan said “I am deeply honoured to receive this medal. I love this industry and the people in it but most of all, even after 35 years, my passion for plants and gardens and the inspiration they have given has not diminished, if anything it is getting stronger.

We have opportunities in Scotland, no matter your politics, because we are a small country. Small enough that when we deal with Government we deal with people not just departments. We have the expertise, we have the heritage and we have the will to make changes and move forward. We must maintain the structure and develop the thinking so that planning legislators and the people in the departments for the environment, education and health to name but a few, can start to deliver significant improvements through horticulture.”

The RCHS is the national horticultural society of Scotland and is often referred to as the Caley. The Society seeks to promote and support gardening and all aspects of horticulture in Scotland. Membership of the Society is open to all.

The Caley has recognised Stan’s many efforts to raise the profile of horticulture to the government and the public.  He has worked in many initiatives including Scotgrow, Garden For Life and especially The Calyx – a project to develop a National Garden for Scotland. Latterly Stan has also been involved in an HTA initiative to gain profile with the Scottish Government through The Scottish Horticultural Panel.

The Society issues prestigious awards, medals and certificates of merit on an annual basis in recognition of the achievements of professional horticulturalists, nurserymen, gardeners and amateur gardeners. The Scottish Horticultural Medal (SHM) is an award first introduced in 1950 to mark the 150th anniversary of the Society. The award is strictly limited to a maximum of 50 recipients and is awarded to anyone, anywhere, who has made an outstanding service to Scottish Horticulture.

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