SBM Life Science proudly announces new partnership with Simply Sales

Company: SBM Life Science
  • Scott Williams
  • Steve Wilkie
  • Gary Martin

SBM Life Science have announced a new partnership with sales agency Simply Sales to help drive business forward and develop closer, more strategic relationships with our valued retail partners for the coming season in Scotland.

Steve Wilkie and Gary Martin will be representing SBM within the Scottish market and both bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience within the home & garden market, having represented brands such as Solus, Evergreen, and Westland previously.

Scott Williams, Head of UK Business for SBM states “strong sales representation, and the ability to serve our customers well has always been a high priority for the UK business”.

“I am delighted with the new partnership with Simply Sales, and I really am excited for what the future holds. Scotland continues to be an important area of growth for us, and with the help of Steve and Gary, I really feel that we will be successful in our goals and ambition for the region”.

Starting this month, Simply Sales will be representing well-known brands from the SBM portfolio such as Baby Bio®, Provanto®, Phostrogen®, Maxicrop® and Toprose®. To get in touch with Steve or Gary to discuss the portfolio and future opportunities please do not hesitate to reach out to them directly.

Steve Wilkie | 07956 351859

Gary Martin | 07795 598910

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