Rising Stars shortlist announced

Company: Westland Horticulture
  • Monkton Elm Garden Centre
  • Bents Garden Centre

The final 12 candidates in the Rising Stars class of 2017 have been announced.

There was friendly rivalry at both the Westland/GCA Rising Stars North and South masterclass earlier this month, when all presented the results of their projects to the group, showing they have driven sales across spring as a result of their learning.

A total of 12 made it through to the third and final masterclass in October where they will bid for a place in the final, taking place at the GCA Conference in Stratford-upon-Avon from January 21-24.
The final candidates (in no particular order) are:

Northern Group
1. Andreea Robertson – GardenWise
2. Jack Moyers – Barton Grange
3. Jayne Scott – Klondyke Daleside
4. Sarah Postlethwaite – Fron Goch
5. Emma Blackmore – Bents

Southern Group
1. Mathylda Mucha – Millbrook
2. Jack Shilley – RHS Wisley
3. Tora Cook – Perrywood
4. Clark Lambert – Garsons Titchfield
5. Lisa Collingbourne – Squires Twickenham
6. Alexander Cawley – Squires Stanmore
7. Samantha Davis - Haskins

Keith Nicholson, Marketing Director from Westland Horticulture said: “This is the time of year when the competition really starts! Already the Rising Stars are achieving big successes for their garden centres and this will only continue as we move into the third and final stage.”

Ian Wylie, Chief Executive of the Garden Centre Association said: “The Rising Stars Programme is all about developing the talent in the garden centre industry for its continued success. It is great to see them already putting their new found knowledge into practice at their own garden centres with great success.”

Ian Boardman, IBBIS director and training facilitator for the group said: “The standard was very high – with lots of learning and many examples of large sales increases. Managing time and communication became the secrets to doing well in their projects.”

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