Richard Burt has been promoted to sales director at Provender Nurseries

Company: Provender Nurseries

In recognition of the hard work, support and dedication to Provender Nurseries Richard Burt has been offered and accepted the position of Sales Director.

Having been a Sales Manager for 6 years and at Provender Nurseries for 10 years Richard is well equipped to cope with the Sales Directorship.
Richard’s new role will embrace all aspects of the sales performance of Provender Nurseries including compiling and implementing a sales strategy and linking together with our marketing strategy.  A large part of the job will involve sourcing the correct range of plants and products to offer our customer base.
Richard Burt is much respected amongst the staff at Provender Nurseries and will be well supported in his new position.  
Richard Burt says ‘’I embrace my new role as Sales Director and look forward to the challenges ahead and working closely with Richard McKenna to help the company grow and secure Provender Nurseries’ future’’.

For further information, please contact Richard Burt on 01322 619 925 or via email at

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