Rabbit Attack to provide PR for Lubera

Company: Rabbit Attack

Rabbit Attack is very happy and feels extremely privileged to have been asked to spearhead the PR for Lubera® in the UK.  Lubera® is renowned for its first class fruit breeding (you may remember wide coverage of the superb and simply stunning Redlove apple from last year).

A family run business since it was born in Switzerland in 1889, Lubera® also has a nursery in Germany and now have just started tempting the discerning UK public with its website http://www.lubera.co.uk/.

Rabbit Attack cannot wait to get her teeth into this .... excuse the pun!!   So watch this space for the unusual, colourful, scrumptious fruit info which will be coming your way!  Oh and not just fruit...herbs, veggies and wonderful blooms too!!

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