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Within the influencer world, we have seen how particular events or trends have had a knock-on effect on the way users digest content and what they want to see. This has led new niches to form and grow on social media, with one being ‘plant-fluencers’, where creators share inspiring content on how to care for your plants.

With searches for ‘outdoor gardening’ having increased by 50% in the last three months, Leading online garden retailer Gardeners Dream uncovered the top five outdoor gardening influencers to follow for those seeking inspiration this Summer.

Alessandro Vitale- @spicymoustache

Alessandro Vitale, also known as Spicymoustache, is an urban gardener and zero-waste advocate who shares how to grow food in your outdoor space, as well as sharing his unique DIY and upcycling hacks to his huge social media following (over 7 million across Instagram and TikTok combined). With his engaging ‘how to’ videos and his very own digital gardening course, get lost in a wealth of inspiration and discover innovative techniques you might never thought were possible. 

Joe Clark- @joesgarden

Fruit and veg grower Joe Clark, otherwise known as Joesgarden has amassed over 1.6M followers on TikTok and it’s no surprise why. Radiating warm and inviting energy from the screen, as well as sharing tips and tricks on how to grow vegetables in your outdoor space he shares where, what, and how to harvest so is perfect for those garden enthusiasts who are looking for the best ways to go about harvesting their fruit and veg this Summer. 

Paula Sutton- @hillhousevintage

If ‘cottage-core’ is at your core, this account is for you. Starting her account in 2013, Paula's Instagram page is brimming with inspiration, sharing how she maintains her flourishing garden at her rural retreat in the heart of Sussex- now boasting over half a million followers. 

If you are looking to create a ‘Pinterest-worthy’ garden this Summer, as well as discovering more about how to live the cottagecore lifestyle, this account will not fall short of expectations. 

Jamie Watton- @nettlesandpettles

For those eager to delve deeper into the gardening world beyond the surface, let us introduce you to Jamie Watton. Known as Nettles and Pettles on Instagram, Jamie shares his passion for soil ecology, wild plants and fungi explaining why you should plant certain plants and how the way you grow certain things can shift their purpose. Ie. in one of his videos he explains how you can use the power of herbs as pest control.

Amy Chapman- @inthecottagegarden

Another avid veg grower, Amy Chapman is a beginner-friendly gardener who shares how to grow everything from spices to chillies and aubergines and essential gardening jobs for each calendar month–  perfect for those who are completely new to gardening or just want help building up their garden knowledge this Summer. 

About Gardeners Dream

Established in 2011 and based on the outskirts of Glasgow, Gardener's Dream is now a leading online destination for gardeners and plant enthusiasts across the UK. Offering a wide selection of gardening essentials, from plants, trees and hedges to bird food and garden care products, their mission is to inspire and assist gardeners of all skill levels.

Gardeners Dream pride themselves on providing quality products and expert advice to help you create and maintain your perfect garden. 

Visit www.gardenersdream.co.uk for more information and to explore their extensive product range.

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