Nuova Deroma UK Ltd going from strength to strength

Company: Nuova Deroma UK Ltd

After several years of steady growth. Deroma UK has introduced 5 new area sales manager/Merchandisers alongside the current sales team to keep up with the demand for there ever expanding range.

Deroma is investing heavily in the UK introducing a wider range of products and services. And with the help of 5 new Area sales manager/merchandisers. We are looking to strengthen our customer base across the UK. We feel building relationships with our customers is the key to a bright future and the only way to do this is giving customers a personal bespoke service. After several years of over stock in the garden centres we hope to minimise risk by ordering as you need it and adjusting to each individuals needs.

We welcome Glen Curtis for North West, John Taylor for North East, Arif Khan for East Anglia, Craig Sawyer for South East, Simon Briggs for Midlands to Deroma alongside Geoff Holder for South West Tom Dale for London and Simply Sales for Scotland.

Come and meet the Team at Glee!

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