Nova Outdoor Living target new market with new agent

Company: Nova Outdoor Living

Nova Outdoor Living has announced plans to target the interior market with the aid of their new nationwide agent, Kelvin Kennedy.

With their feet firmly in the outdoor living industry and with great existing relationships with garden centres and other outdoor focused businesses, Nova Outdoor Living has decided to set its sights on new heights within the interior living industry.

Having acquired new nationwide agent, Kelvin Kennedy, Nova Outdoor Living is confident they will be able to obtain new customers that usually focus on indoor furniture and accessories. Using Kelvin’s wealth of knowledge and book of contacts, Nova plans to target key accounts all across the UK, outside of the garden centre industry.

Nova is of the view that those with strong interior offerings will have even more success if they are able to offer customers high-quality garden furniture at the same time they shop for new indoor furniture. With so much advice for consumers that their garden should be an extension of their interior setup, offering both in one place is sure to go down a treat with these customers who will now be able to transform their whole house in one fell swoop.

“During lockdown, we have learnt that gardens are becoming increasingly valuable to consumers and they are investing much more time and money into their outdoor spaces,” commented a representative for Nova Outdoor Living. “Working with Kelvin to target customers outside of the garden centre industry is going to be key for consumers looking to improve their outdoor space and will be brilliant for businesses to take advantage of this new focus on gardens by stocking garden furniture as well as indoor furniture.”

According to a recent survey, homeowners have doubled the amount of time spent improving their homes during lockdown and 71 per cent say their homes are more important to them than ever before.

“Now is the perfect time for Nova to start targeting new industries, especially those currently focused on interior living,” stated Kelvin Kennedy. “I am looking forward to showing my contacts what Nova have to offer and how the great deals on garden furniture could expand their business,” he added.

For those within the interior industry interested in seeing more of Nova’s furniture and hearing more about the deals on offer, please contact Kelvin on

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