News update for Glencrest Seatex and Katie Blake

Company: Glencrest Seatex

We are pleased to announce that Steven Potter has been promoted as Managing Director. Steven joined the Company five years ago after leaving Alexander Rose as an area representative and joining Glencrest and Katie Blake managing the East Anglia area as a Salesman.

It was soon evident that Steve was a good catch for us as he increased business dramatically in that area. Since then he has gone on and two years ago become Sales Director under Jack Whiteley our Managing Director at that time.

Jack is giving up his position as Managing Director and continuing as Chairman and Founder of the Glencrest Group of Companies. 2018 has seen an increase of 40% over last season which is incredible says Jack, "I take my hat off to Steve who has done incredibly well and deserves his new Position Heading up the Company". and

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