New sales & marketing director for Glendale Horticulture

Company: Glendale Horticulture

Glendale Horticulture is pleased to announce the appointment of Kersten Catella as Sales and Marketing Director.  Kersten who joined the company on 30th October 2017 holds a degree in Ornamental Horticulture from the University of South Africa and was previously a General Manager with the Newey Group.

Kersten is a committee member of the British Ornamental Plants Association and sits on the Horticulture board of the NFU.  She joins Glendale Horticulture to lead the sales team and marketing department, bringing with her extensive product development experience.

Tony Hewitt, Chairman of the Glendale Group of Companies commented:- “Kersten has a passion for horticulture and with her broad knowledge of the UK market and respected status within the sector will join the Glendale Horticulture Board of Directors and take responsibility for expanding its customer base and growing its sales revenues in a time of increasing opportunity for UK growers as decisions on Brexit come into closer focus.”

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