New PR/brand managers for Suttons & Dobies of Devon

Company: Suttons
  • Daniele Van Cauter - PR/Brand Manager Dobies
  • Sam Langridge - PR/Brand Manager Suttons

Suttons and Dobies of Devon will be welcoming two new PR/ Brand Managers in to the fold, who will take over the PR from Francijn Suermondt as of Monday 21st March. Sam Langridge will manage the PR and brand management for Suttons and Daniele Van Cauter will take over the PR and brand management for Dobies of Devon. 

Sam Langridge joined Suttons in February and has over seven years’ experience in the marketing and PR industry.

Daniele Van Cauter has been with Suttons for over 12 years. Throughout this time she has had extensive experience across both brands in product, imagery and catalogue management.

Hilary Mabbutt, Sales & Marketing Director for Suttons commented ‘We are delighted to appoint Sam and Daniele into the PR/Brand Managers positions to manage the Suttons and Dobies of Devon brands. We would also like to say a huge thank you to Fran for all of her hard work over the last ten years and we wish her every success for the future.’

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