My Dad was my hero

In December 2016, my family life changed forever. My dad the strongest man you would ever meet was diagnosed with AML, a form of blood cancer. During his treatment he was told he could have had a stem cell transplant which ultimately would have saved his life, this is the amazing work that Anthony Nolan do. They gave him and others hope in what was the toughest time.

Unfortunately for my dad it was too late & we lost him in January 2018, but it’s not too late for others they still have hope and can still get the lifesaving treatment of stem cell transplants.

My Dad was my hero

My dad was my hero, as he was for a lot of people. He was my father & my friend. He was a fighter and he never ever gave in. He battled AML every single day for over a year, the doctors gave him 2 months he lived for 6. We went on holidays, we had dinners, we had laughs and we were positive through out.

He watched me run the marathon in 2017, and was truly proud of me, but more importantly joyful at the amount of people running for Anthony Nolan. He stood up all day and cheered, even after a round of chemo the week before, he was tired and in pain but he didn't let it show. I want to run this in marathon in his memory, I had my dad for 26 years and its 26 miles, so a mile a year. 

Please dig deep, and sponsor me… no one else should die from blood cancer.

Anthony Nolan

Every day, Anthony Nolan saves the lives of people with a blood cancer or blood disorder.

They do this by matching incredible individuals willing to donate their stem cells, to people who desperately need a lifesaving transplant. They also carry out cutting edge scientific research, fund specialist post-transplant nurses and support patients and their families through the transplant process and beyond. They won’t stop until they save the lives of everyone who needs a stem cell transplant. Every penny you donate brings them closer to that day.

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