Mr Fothergill’s seed sowing talks well received by Chinese gardeners

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Mr Fothergill’s joint-managing director John Fothergill and commercial director Tim Jeffries have just returned from a mini lecture tour of China spent discussing seed sowing and how the British garden to audiences of new gardeners eager for information and guidance on their hobby.  The pair were guests of a garden centre group which stocks Mr Fothergill’s seeds.  Home gardening is new to Chinese people and while space is often limited, there are opportunities for container gardening, and there is a burgeoning middle class, which has gardens.

“We spoke on British gardening and growing from seed.  Gardening is new so there is a thirst for knowledge, while growing from seed is complicated to people who have not done it before”, explains Tim. “The quality and variety from Mr Fothergill’s is greatly appreciated, as indigenous seed companies tend to have erratic germination levels”.

John and Tim gave presentations at the Hortiflorexpo in Shanghai, the major horticultural show in China and open to both the public and trade visitors, two garden centres in Shanghai and Wuxi, and the highlight was a talk at the magnificent Shanghai Botanical Gardens.

“The growth and development of China is a sight to behold.  John and I were warmly welcomed everywhere by a courteous and curious public and hosts”, says Tim.

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